Army Update: Tau/Eldar

It is about as last minute as you can get. I am preparing my trios army for The Nova. I decided to make some changes after I played in a tournament yesterday.

More on that tournament later.

The Changes?

First I wanted a little more funk in the back ranks. So I added a Farseer to cast things like Guide, Doom and Presience.

Then I added 3 Eldar Bikers.  These were made from a mixture of Dire Avengers and Fantasy models.  I hate the Eldar bike models.  I think you will agree these are a bit better!

And finally I needed Kroot Hounds, but they are simply not available. So I added some Fantasy zombie dogs.  Heh, whatever works. I dare say these look better than Kroot Hounds too. Yes, they are on larger bases than Kroot Hounds, but if my opponents want to make a stink about it, fine I wont play them.




Tim said...

Heresy! You must get yourself some real kroot hounds. I cannot tolerate the look of those vamp hounds in my presence!

Jawaballs said...

Haha. There are none available! At least not before Nova!

IDICBeer said...

The hounds should be fine, I can't see why they wouldn't be :)

Jawaballs said...

Like I said I can't imagine any one would have a problem, and if so I just wont use the dogs and will spot the guy 10 points. :)

Tossidin said...

You are using wrongly sized bases on them why?
I can't imagine anyone caring (or even be aware of it), but would it be impossible to have them on the right size base for WYSIWYG purposes?

Jawaballs said...

I could put them on small bases, but they would probably fall over ever 8 seconds. I actually found a couple of Dungeons and Dragons Timber Wolf models from their painted plastic line from a few years ago. I will probably just use those until I can get my hands on real Kroot Hounds.

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