New Zombie book!

Hey all,

My good friend David Monette has written his own book about zombies and is attempting to self publish it through Kickstarter.  Check it out HERE.

I have included a lot of pictures done by Dave. He is a professional illustrator and his work has appeared in Magic The Gathering, on magazine covers and all over the place. I won't tell you much about the book other than the fact that I have read a LOT of zombie books and this is among the best.

So if you feel like getting behind one of our own who has written something outstanding and is trying to get it launched, check out HIS KICKSTARTER and back him.  I love kickstarter now by the way! :)

Here is the first draft of the video I made for him. I misspelled conscious.:)

This is one of the big battle scenes. Wouldn't you love to know what lead up to this?

Cover art for The Zombie Axiom

The Necromancer

Most of these images are original artwork for the book.  Take a look at his Kickstarter and show him some support!  He is one of the best people I know.



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