Redemption of the Fallen is here. Win this army!

I will start by letting the pictures speak for themselves.

Dark Angels Azrael

Dark Angels Tactical Marines

Belial, Master of the Deathwing

Deathwing Terminators

Dark Angels Librarian

Deathwing Land Raider


Sammael, Chapter Master of the Ravenwing

Dark Angels Scouts

So there you have it. The models are painted, and the army looks fantastic.  I will post up better pics once they are taken.

So what is all this you ask? In case you have been living under a rock, this is The Redemption of the Fallen!

This is a charity army painting project benefiting Doctors Without Borders and sponsored by The Nova Open, The Warstore and Secret Weapon Miniatures as well as many others like KR Multicase.

What does this mean to you?  YOU CAN WIN THESE!  The Nova will ship this entire army, including the custom case by KR Multicase and other swag any where in the world for free. All you have to do is enter to win.

You can do so by visiting HERE and making a charitable donation through the site tools.  For every dollar you donate, your name gets entered once into the drawing. If you donate 100 dollars your name gets entered 100 times.  On 9/1, at The Nova Open, the winner of this army will be drawn live from all those who have entered!  You need to be in it to win it!

The army is based on 1850 points but includes many extra upgrades for you to customize your force.  Don't quote me on this, but I believe it comes with Codex: Dark Angels, transport trays, a display board and a KR Multicase with Custom Cut foam.  Dice and other goodies as well.  Pretty much a tournament ready army that includes every thing you need to go and have fun, and probably win best painted if I do say so myself. :)

So VISIT HERE NOW and donate as much as you can. Your donations are going to a great cause as Doctors Without Borders does a LOT of good throughout the world. And get a chance to win an army!  Take part in something special.  I know I am proud to have been part of this project this year. I think this is the most cohesive and well done army project I have been a part of so far!

More pics to come as they are sent to me. Get in there and donate!



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