Lamenters first action

And I forgot my camera!  It's ok though, they were not done yet any way. Every thing is just about done, it all just needs some detailing. I wanted to get it into a different venue and see how they look gaming tables before putting the final touches.

How did they perform on the table?  Dead last. I scored 6 out of 60 points. In their first game, in typical Lamenters fashion, an assault squad with a priest and Librarian attached took some wounds in the first round of shooting of the game, then failed leadership and ran off the table.  This lead the way to an entire day of catastrophic failure.  To accent the day, I got tabled in about fifteen minutes by a Draigo wing army.  I threw every thing I had at him but only took out a couple crusaders. Then he shot down my Storm Raven with psy cannons and destroyed every thing inside as I rolled nothing higher than a 2 for the invul saves and he rolled a penetrating explosion on my dread.

I will take a lot of pics later this week!



DK said...

Are you trying to be competitive at all with BA?

Odvi they are an old book, but they have some tricks. Keep up the painting!

Jawaballs said...

Nah. I have combat scouts, and a unit of Death Company that costs 164 points for 4 models! It is more important for me to paint models I like right now. I love the old metal combat scouts... SOOO.... :)

Jawaballs said...

Plus it is kind of comical how completely inept my army will be. It leads to lots of great "poor luck" narrative.

FluffyPanda said...

Yeah, it feels strange how quickly the BA fell from being called an overpowered Ward codex of cheese to a pretty ineffectual and overpriced assault army. But then I never liked the old razorback spam with 5-man melta assault squads.

At least now that every build is equally likely to be crushed you can build fluffy armies without fear :-)

G Hammer said...

"At least now that every build is equally likely to be crushed you can build fluffy armies without fear :-)"

this times a thousand lol, makes my old friends actually willing to play me when the realize that IM now the one getting wiped off the table ;) im just gonna enjoy painting my boys and bide by time for the new dex

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