Templecon is upon us!

In just a few weeks I will be traveling to Rhode Island for what is one of the coolest cons I have ever been to. Templecon!

With trying to balance family, work and life, I have had to reduce the amount of traveling I do for cons and I reduced the number I attend to just three. And Templecon is one of those.

Sure I go for the 40k GT, but unlike most cons, 40k is a very small part of the bigger picture.

So what is Templecon?  It was my introduction to Steampunk and cosplay. It is a gaming mecca and all around super nerd fest.  The first time I attended, I was awed by the amount of stuff going on!  It seemed that in just about every corner there were dudes playing games, literally. On the way up the elevator there were some guys huddled in the lobby playing Dungeons and Dragons. I wanted so much to join them!  Plus my eyes almost popped out of my head at all the beautiful and creative costumes. Each year they have a theme, this year it is Cyberpunk.

The entire weekend is a huge production. First, they block out the entire hotel. That's right, the entire building. And it sells out instantly. Every room. In fact, it is so huge that not only do they sell out the hotel, but two more neighboring ones!  It is that big.

So what exactly goes on?  Well first there are seminars and classes throughout the weekend.  I will be attending a Bourbon seminar on Thursday night and a Scotch tasting on Friday.  But I will be teaching a painting seminar on The Jawaballs Way on Friday, and my friend Dave and I are doing a Zombie panel and book reading on Saturday.  Two small elements in a huge list of things to do.  There are live bands and three areas full of vendors selling.. well every thing!  There was a room full of classic console games to play and of course the huge gaming GTs.  The first year 40k was a small 3 game tournament stuffed into a basement room. The last time I went it was a huge GT sharing space with the even huger Warmachine.

I am unveiling my new Lamenters at this con and can't wait to get them on the table.

If you would like some info on Templecon, here is their Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/TempleCon

And here is their main page:  http://www.templecon.org/14/

My painting seminar is full, but if enough people want to attend one, I will attempt to run another. So if you are going to Templecon, and want to attend my paint seminar, comment here or email me.

If you are in the northeast and want to experience good people in a fun atmosphere, Templecon is worth the trip.



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