Late night update

Hey guys. I just wanted to share a quick WIP update on my Lamenters dread with LED lights.  I need to work on the checks more, and decide if I want to keep the checks on the leg plate with the checker base which is not changing.  I think it is a bit too much check!  I will probably just paint the leg armor yellow.

You can see all of the WIP behind him too. Three are assault squads, my librarian, couple scouts, death compnay and way back is a rhino.  Most of the models in the army are mostly done. I need to finish a handfull of marines like the ones closely behind this dread, then base and final detail.  I am pushing to have this totally done by the 26 cause I want to play in a local 3 game tournament.  That is just a week away!

I have all the materials for the display and I am going to start putting that together tomorrow.  I should have some nice update pics for you on Monday.

More to come!



IDICBeer said...

Looking good Jawa my friend :)

Will Goins said...

Loving the yellow, what happened to the open sarcophgeus?

Jawaballs said...

It still comes off! I am building a gantry and crane that lifts off the armor while on display that reveals the pilot.

Aventine said...

The blue LEDs look great and add to the look of the model. On the other hand, I feel like the red LEDs are a bit much, and distract from the great painting

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