Defiance Games Fraud?

Just thought I would share. Last fall I backed a Kickstarter for a company called Defiance Games. The KS was for some fishbowl helmet shaped hard suit armor models that I could proxy as marines or whatever. I invested 80 bucks, then quickly forgot about it.

They offered regular updates, which kept the KS in the back of my mind but I admit I didn't read most of them.  Well the due date for the KS came and went. I had forgotten. The last update was the second week of Feb.

Any way, with a spark of remembrance as I was looking for info on the Robotech Tactics KS, I looked up Defiance come to find no one has heard from these guys at all. So I started investigating.  Apparently the primary name attached to the LLC is Tony Reidy. (Anthony M. Reidy)

Some of you will recognize the name as it is apparently attached to some flap regarding Wargames Factory and Fraud.


If any one knows the goods on this guy, feel free to share in the comments.  I don't feel like investigating much further.  I found some Dakka threads and reading those is like nailing my plastic cutter into my eyes.

Lesson learned!  I suppose I could have googled Defiance LLC and found the name, (the name meant nothing to me as I didn't know any thing about his dealings) then googled the name and found the fraud complaints, and given the KS a pass... I recommend this process highly in the future for any one who backs a Kickstarter! Not that you will actually find much info if there is nothing to find, but at least you will maybe find something bad if it exists...

For what it's worth, I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General and a fraud complaint for the transaction with my Credit Union. (I will get my 80 bucks back.)

I wish the rest of you good luck!  Here is some info to help you file a complaint of your own:

Anthony M Reidy
Defiance Games LLC.
112 High Street 
Charlestown, MA 02129

Attorney General of MA E complaint form:

May this guy forever step in huge piles of dog poop. Feel free to share info on him!



CaulynDarr said...

I'd recommend taking a look at this Dakka thread:

Jawaballs said...

Yah that is the thread I saw. But all the huge text blocks, endless quotes, legal 'knowitalls' and comments saying that it is the backers who are at fault for not knowing this Tony guy is a thief are just too much to get through.

Nurglitch said...

It's useful to get the information out there though. You don't have to read the thread, just visit it to that when people do their due diligence they get the skinny on Tony Reidy and his con.

Tim said...

Yes, these guys suck...and to be honest their miniatures were pretty crappy. JB if you want some of the UMAC marines, let me know I have tons from their first run. I bought them, got disappointed in the quality, then stopped buying anything from them.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Tim, I am not particularly interested in the marines. I kinda liked the first image I saw of a very crisp and detailed power suit, but the painted images I saw after were not as good. I mostly just bought into the kickstarter to support a new mini company. I didn't know a thing about Defiance Games, or their connection to The Warfactory or any thing about this thief Reidy. I just blundered across this kickstarter cause it was related to the Robotech Tactics one and was feeling particularly giving! ;) Plus I thought it might pay off as an alternative to Tau Crisis Suits for a suit army I was considering. Oh well!

Thanks for the offer, but I will pass on any thing from these guys.

Tim said...

yeah, the concept art looked amazing. That hardsuit would have been sweet had anyone else had developed it.

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