Shaking off the cobb webs

So painting that Robotech model got my juices flowing and I finally got the gumption to start this!

I have had it sitting around for quite some time and finally want to paint it.  I am going Lamenters with this bad boy.  First I had to get it ship shape though. It was a gift from a friend and was not in the best of shape when I got it. It had no guns and needed some love.  I had to order some parts, and have on the way the cannon from a Shadowsword, and some heavy bolter turret parts.  I am still looking for missiles...  any suggestions?

Check back for more updates!



Aventine said...

The missles off a Manticore would look really good/ extra beefy

HellHenni said...

Either use the missile pods from the Stormtalon or Nephilim or use the missiles from the Valkyrie.
The latter should be closest to the original ones and easy to get, as hardly anyone uses them. ;-)


Jawaballs said...

Thanks for that tip Hellhenni, I just found 6 of them on ebay for a buck a piece. Got my missiles!

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