Lamenters WIP for Battle for Salvation!

Battle for Salvation is next weekend!  If you have not already signed up, now is your chance. There is less than ten spots left!  Don't be left out of one of the best GTs on the East Coast.

BFS is not just about 40k though, there are tournaments for Malifaux, X-Wing, and Youngbloods! (14 and under).  It has been a couple of years since I went. It seemed that the last couple years things kept popping up that would keep me away from the con.  Not this time!

I am taking my poor cursed Lamenters for their second major round of action. Last time I brought them out was at Templecon and while I got crushed on the tables, they did win Players Choice and Best Painted (though I had to choose one to actually receive.)  I hope to perform well at BFS too, though I am up against some stiff competition with John Steining showing up, as well as my old friend Joe Johnson if he comes and many other great painters.  This should be a stiff field!

Here is a LINK for BFS.

Here are some WIP shots of the unluckiest squad in the unluckiest chapter:

The melta gunner has not actually befallen any bad luck yet... but that can change!

Hope to see you all at BFS!



Greg Hess said...

These guys are amazing! Hahaha I love the guy falling out. That's so me. One dude trying to pop a wheelie, another hitting a rock. Oh man these are just wonderfully done!

Jawaballs said...

:) Yah the guy popping a wheelie is reaching for the tire that fell off his front axl like a dolt. The other guy is taking a serious face plant! I am thinking about making a "bang" flag coming out of the melta gun as if his buddies pulled a prank on him and he grabbed the wrong gun.

Greg Hess said...

Haha! Do it! Love these type of conversions. So much friggin fun!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks man! Sometimes people, in their efforts to crush their enemies, forget that this game is meant for fun!

Greg Hess said...

That's why I play orks :).

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