Blood Angels Rhino Progress

Here is a little update action on my Blood Angels Rhino.  I cut a stencil in masking tape for the top hatch and airbrushed the logo.  After trying several varnishes, I finally came to Liquitex Satin Varnish applied with my airbrush. First I used some Gloss Varnish spray from Home Depot. Then I applied Windsor and Newton Professional matte but it was still too glossy. So I hit it with some Liquitex Matte Varnish Spraycan love and it went too dull in some spots.  Finally I gave it the Liquitex airbrush satin varnish and am mostly satisfied with the luster I want.  

When I cut the stencil I left it a bit damaged for the worn effect.

After cutting the stencil, my hand revolted on me. I just cant do it any more. So I made this sheet of transfers using Testors Decal paper and Testors Decal Bonder.  I will use advice from my friend John Stiening to apply the decals on further tanks and keep you updated!


John Stiening said...

If you reso ray the dust on the bottom in matte it will add a whole new dimension to the model!

Greg Hess said...

Do you mean just spray matte over the dust? (to give the effect that the dust is pulling the shine off the paint?)

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