Clean Blood Angels Logo for decals.

Hey guys,

So I have been working with John Stiening and recently figured out how he does such a beautiful job using decals. He puts the most amazing images on his Knights and the decals are so perfect. You simply cannot tell they are decals!

Well it starts with a good image. I am working on a Blood Angels army where I am doing a lot of Rhinos. Last night I spent a while making a stencil out of masking tape. This was excruciating for my hands.  So much so that I simply cannot do it again. While it looked good, there has to be an easier way.

I will write a post about the process once I have mastered it myself. But for now, I wanted to share the image.

Finding a good Blood Angels logo is hard. So here is one!

Blood Angels Logo

It is not perfect, but honestly I kinda want a slightly rough one to look broken a bit. Before I use this image, I am going to put it into photoshop and roughen it up a bit more. But it is certainly good enough to use as is.

Hopefully some one will find this useful!



Tyler said...

There is an easier way, although it is expensive if you dont already have one/need one. the Cricut (or similar machine) can cut these into almost any material for stencils or just outright cut the decal everytime. My wife has one she uses for crafting with vinyl, so i get the perks! Also, thanks for the image!

Tim said...

There's a relatively simple way to apply GW transfers. I use this method and you really cannot tell they are decals unless you know what you are looking at.

1) Gloss varnish the panel that you wish you apply transfers to. Let it dry.
2) Put transfer in water.
3) Apply microsol to the area.
4) apply the transfer and position it as you like.
5) Dab away some of the moisture on the decal.
6) Let it all dry.
7) Gloss varnish the area and let it dry.
8) Spray on Testors Dull Spray Lacquer, let it dry.
9) inspect area. If not satisfied, spray more lacquer. Done.

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