Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Whirlwind or not Whirlwind? That is the question.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels Whirlwind

So, I have played many games with and without my whirlwind. Bottom line is that it sucks against marines. I played two games last night, one against CSM one against Imperial Fist Terminators led by Lysander. Total number of enemy models killed in 2 full games... 3. Two Chaos Space Marines and one Space Marine Scout. But I used it against Orks in a game, and killed at least 15 with it. So, the question is..Keep it or drop it. Pros:Free shot every round from behind cover. People must deal with it if they are vulnerable to it. (Ork, Eldar, Tau, IG)It forces them to use resources to take out an 85 point model.Psychological unit. Even marine players still fear it in the back of their heads.Ordinance gives pinning.CURRENTLY a scoring unit.Long ReachCons:Scatter DiceRelatively weak weapon: Strength 5, AP 4. or Str 4, ap 5 NO COVER SAVECosts 85 points that can be used to beef up firepower starved Blood Angels jump squadsTaking the WW out will free up 85 points. I will lose a scoring unit, but I will gain:2 Veterans 501 Plasmagun 151 Flamer 51 Plasma Pistol 15The two extra vets alone, if they are using their Plasmagun and Flamer in Close Combat can take out up to 4 to 6 enemies a round, averaging out to 3 once they assault in round 2 or 3, for a minimal total of 9+. Add to that the possible firepower they bring with their double tapped Plasmagun and Flamer Template and that number get huge. I am also able to drop another plasma pistol into one of my HG or Troop Assault Squads. SOOO Do I keep it? Against weakly armored shooty armies it is nice, WHEN it hits. When I face Tyranid Genestealer armies at Gamesday, I will be wishing I had it for sure, hell I will want two! But is it worth having? Comments??


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