Warhammer 40k Space marine blood angels: Tournament time

So, I am gearing up for a tournament this weekend, which is the trial run for Baltimore Gamesday. I have been told that Curbolo cannot start the game in a drop pod with a squad of veterans. So, I have decided to swap out the pod with a Rhino. I think this might be better any way because it will give me more control over him. Now I can choose exactly the place and time I want him to come out, AND I have a mobile wall with the rhino, which will help provide that precious cover which might be sparse on some maps. I am also seperating out my melta guns. Here is my list:


Honour Guard 1:
Veterans x5
Company Standard
Chapter Standard
Power Sword x2
Company Champion
Jump packs x5

I removed the plasma pistol

Honour Guard 2:
Veterans x5
Power Sword x1
Jump Packs x5

Added Power Sword
Removed Meltagun

Assault Squad 1
Veteran x1
Marines x4
Power Sword x1

Assault Squad 2
Veteran x1
Marines x4
Power Fist x1

Death Company x7
Jump packs x7

Veteran Squad 1
Vets x5
Power Weapons x3

Veteran Squad 2
Vets x5
power Weapons x3
Meltagun x1

Added meltagun

Veteran Squad 3
Power Weapons x2
Power Fist x1

Heavy Support:


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