Warhammer 40k Space Marines Blood Angels: Black Templars vs Blood Angels. Which will make the better drop pod army.

Looking ahead to the new SM codex and thinking about my drop pod army...I am starting to think that Black Templars are just way too expensive for what youget.

Black Templar Tactical Squad:
Marines x10- 160
Bolters or pistol/ccw
Power Weapon x1 10
Plasmagun 6
Crusader Seals 20
Frag Grenades 10
Drop Pod 30

Total: 236

Blood Angel Tactical Squad:
Marines x10- 190
Bolters only
Plasmagun 15
Free Grenades
Power Weapon 15
Drop Pod 40
Free Death Company Model

Total: 255


Blood Angels Tac Squads cannot take Chainswords. Templars can, that makes them superior assaulty out of drop pods. Templars dont get the veteran leader. Templars get their vows from the Champion.

Sooo for 1180 I get 5 Black templar squads coming out of drop pods with bolters. For 1300 Iget 5 Blood Angel squads coming out of drop pods with bolters. PLUS a 5 man death company squad with jump packs. I can shave 20 points off the templars by dropping the seals and give them a plasma cannon instead. I can drop the power weapon from the Angels and give them plasma cannon too.

I'm thinking that BA is the way to go. Im gona make a second BA army.. 3rd company.

5 Tac Squads in Drop pods 1300
Mephiston 225

Death Company x5
Jump Packs 25
Lemartes 125


75 points left. I will probably drop a Plasmacannon and put in a Whirlwind.


jawaballs said...

I hate to say it, but I think a vanilla Space marine army might be the best bet for an all drop pod army. Sorry Blood Angels! But also, after thinking about this, the whole point of putting together an all drop pod list is the rumors of being able to assault out of a pod. To make an all shooty BA army would defeat the purpose.... I could put my assault squads in drop pods for free though... Basicly that would eliminate the need to charge through 2 rounds of gunfire to get into assault. Hmmmm

Fritz said...

Plasma cannons will now "hit" anything the template touches so it is a steal in points. New Marine codex is going to have tactical marines with a bolter, bolt pistol, close combat weapon, and grenades as standard. So you could paint your marines as BA 3rd and give them pistols & chain swiords in a drop pod and then sling the bolters over their shoulders or sides- switching back and forth as needed.

jawaballs said...

Thats not confirmed... As its written in the new BA codex, which is how I am guessing it will be in the new SM codex, they come with a bolter and bolt pistol, not a chainsword. The veterans have the option to swap the bolter for a chainsword. So maybe they will make that an option for all marines. But I still doubt they will get to carry a CCW, Pistol and bolter and remain regular price.

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