Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels battle report Gamesday 2008

Blood Angels vs Tyranids.

At the 2008 Gamesday, I believe 8 of the top 10 armies were tyranids. I got the lucky distinction of playing one of those armies in game 1. This nid army only had 20 genestealers though. The rest were warriors, rippers and blah blah. You get it.

Round 1. We deploy. Most of my squads are holed up on a large piece of terrain on the left side. Most of his stuff is directly opposite. I placed one squad on the far right. I placed my rhino squad as a fast response in the back..ready to go claim an objective or give support if needed. It wouldnt matter.. See the pic above.

I won the toss for turn, and I chose to go first. I was hoping to land some lucky shots and end it quick. I managed to knock out a handful of genestealers. I was hoping I could take care of them, then I might have a chance against the warriors. But that would prove to be the only chance I had at any thing. On his sooting turn, he glanced and DESTROYED BOTH of my tanks. Sigh... it was over.

Round 2. My shooting was insignifigant. My tanks were out and nothing of importance was in range and out of cover. I killed a couple of warriors, lost a guy with a plasma cannon to over heat, and in general, did crap. My drop pod did not come in. He was on me quick, and I managed to fight off this wave of assault with few casaulties..but that would be the last of my chances.

Round 3. It was over. My drop pod came in, lit up a warrior squad with heavy flamer and melta, wounded 1. Drat. It would die quick on my opponents turn. His genestealers were on me, they killed me quick. At the end of the round, I was down to Dante and a few devestators, and about 8 guys on the right flank. He was hardly hurt at all. I called it a game and bowed out of the fight. Dante was about to make a last stand, but I wanted to go see the rest of gamesday. We could have played cat and mouse for an hour, and he would have just beaten me with objectives any way. I think he appreciated the quick victory. Oh well.

Gamesday battle report game 1:


Ben said...

too bad man some tyrinid lists are dirty. on the hole i don't really like playing against nids...oh well

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