Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Battle report Blood Angels vs Eldar

Ok, Eldar vs Blood Angels

I was trying the newest incarnation of my list.

Honor Guard with 2 powers, and chapter banner

5 man assault squad with power
10 man tactical with flamer and lascannon

5 man vet assault with 3 powers

5 death company with jumppacks

2 Furioso dreads in drop pods!!
1 was death company


Devestator with Las, Plas x2 and bolter

My opponent had 3 squads of clowns, 3 squads of pathfinders and Eldrad, oh and 3 wraithlords each with Brightlance and Missle launcher.

We deployed as in the pic. I placed my devs right in the mid first, and he stacked the left side opposite. I didnt worry about his deployment cause i knew he would just move them with Eldrad. I put my Vindi on the left behind a building and split my tac squad into 2 combat squads. The las cannon was on the left supported by the vets and the HG with Dante. The other Combat Squad was behind the Devs and so was the Assault squad. The Dreads came down in pods. I knew assaulting was stupid cause he had decked out harlies with kisses. Sooo, i figured I would try to force him to run into my gunfire and maybe get a squad into his snipers.

Mission, control the center.

Turn one:

I win the die toss and opt to shoot first. I decide to test the armor save of the Pathfinders..and manage to kill two after unloading my Devs and other lascannon on them. I moved my Vets up behind cover on the left. We were playing the new line of sight rules, so they had nothing to hide behind. I just hopped for the best. My turn ended with a couple dead rangers. He fired at me with his rangers and lords. They tore up the vets. Only one managed to live! There was a lot of AP 1 sniper fire, but my guys all got cover saves. NEVER leave yourself in the open against Eldar Snipers!

Turn Two:

Neither of my Dreads come in. :(
The remaining vet managed to find cover on the left and get out of line of sight. I moved my Vindi out from the right and popped smoke. The assault squad and combat squad with flamer move up from the center to take the objecvtive. I decide to try to take down the Lords. I fire on one of them, and manage to deliver 2 wounds with heavy weapons. The lack of my drop pods coming in left my assaulters in a holding pattern. Very little other shooting happened on either part. The rangers fired on my combat squad and knock out another one, and my Death Company decide to leave their cover and charge a squad of snipers...the closest unit visible. My opponent moved up his squad of Harlies knowing the DC would have to charge them... then he waited for them to come.

Turn Three:

Death Company dread is in.. other is not. I drop it right next to a building full of rangers and harlies and eldread. (I proxied a friends dread to try it out) He gets out and flames 5 harlies and Eldrad, killing 2 Harlies. The lone Vet jumped up against that same building hoping to take advantage of the chaos. He would need a 4 on the difficult terrain test to get up to the next level and get the squishy rangers. The vindi moves up again. I had an option of trying for harlies that were about 18" away, or shooting at a squad of Rangers next to a Lord. I chose the rangers. Killed one and wounded the lord as well with a dead on shot. The DC charged the harlies, but were not close enough to assault. They fired and killed one with pistol fire. I moved Dante up to the spot that the lone vet was holding on the left and moved my combat squad with the flamer and assult squad into good cover in the center. I was waiting for him to come and when they got close I would pop out and flame/assault them in the open.. The lone vet got the 4 he needed for difficult terrain and he assault the Ranger squad on the second level. He won combat, of course, and they failed their leadership. He was not able to cut them down but they rolled high for their retreat and ran off the table. That left him sitting alone on level 2. Doom was sure to come for him.

The stinking Eldar moved out his Harlies to shoot and assault the Dread, it did not survive the assault. The other harlies cut down the entire DC with rending hits from their kisses. They rolled a 5 on their massacre, and moved closer to the center...bad mistake for them. Rangers fired at the assault squad in the center and cut them down below scoring. That left me little choice but to jump the survivers out and try to cut down the damn rangers that were fireing on them. Eldrad moved up to the second floor, and charged the lone vet. He didnt last long. The wraithlords popped the Vindicator. With this new line of sight rule, excpect to have your tanks shot up from every angle.. every thing can draw line of sight. :(

Turn 4:

Dread still not in. Dante moved up to follow the vet... however he was not as lucky in the difficult terrain test. He was not able to assault Eldrad. But he called him out to a one on one fight..the stinking Eldar accepted the challenge. MY heavy weapons fire at the lords but fail to wound. My assault squad survivors in the middle jump out and fire at the rangers then assault them, however, they manage to tie combat. The combat squad flamer moved out to attack the harlies.. Bolter fire and Flame cut down the squad to the last clown. They were left exposed though.. The other combat squad is reduced below scoring by Lord fire, my opponent chose to ignore my Devs completely. On his turn, Eldrad assaults Dante. They tie combat though, Iron Halos and Eldar Trickery even out. He used all of his powers, three, to buff himself completely so that he rerolled misses, wounds and killed babies. Dante would find him a little too much to handle.

Turn 5:
Dread comes in. I place him in the center to score. I now have 3 scoring units in the middle, but I chose to jump my honor guard out to shoot up an advancing harly squad. The Devs and the Lascannon fire at and finish off two lords. The surviving combat squad takes cover in the center but not good enough. They will lose a man and fall below scoring. The dread disembarks and hides behind his pod. The last member of the Assault Squad is locked in combat with the ranger squad, and eventually loses! Unbelievable. He was a vet sgt. with a power sword! Oh well, I roll bad. Dante and ELdrad duke it out, but Dante ends up losing. The Eldar Trickery was too much. The Honor Guard assaults the harlies, but are cut down by rends before they can swing their swords.

Turn 6:
I have 2 scoring units in the center. My opponent has 0, but 3 are in range. 2 Harlies, and a Ranger. I shoot up the rangers and he rolls 4 1's!!! They all die. They had a 2 plus save. His shooting reduces one of my squads below scoring leaving me with just a Dread to score. I was helpless to stop his Harlies from getting into the center. He would end up winning by having two Scoring units in the middle to my one.

I think that this is my final change to the list. Dropping Corbulo opened up points for me, I also dropped the Baal Pred and the Company Champion from the HG. I LOVE the Tactical squad since it allows me to break it up into Combat Squads, and gives me another Lascannon to give my opponent something to think about besides the Dev squad. And since they are troops, I can drop them in with a good angle to shoot up enemy tanks after they are placed. The flamer also is a nice help. I can place them to score, or support the devs as a counter assault. I will stay with Dante and his HG, as well as the other assault squad and the DC and the Vets all with jump packs. That is still a devestating combo and something to be feared. The good part is that with a Vindicator and all those heavy weapons on the table, people will easily forget about the real power of my list..the assaulters. They will also see those two huge drop pods on the side and know that something bad is coming.. I love the furioso with the heavy flamers. They suit my style of play, AND are cool! Oh, did I mention effective? They can drop in to contest objectives, and they can flame the crap out of every thing. The vindicator has always been my favorite tank, and with the new template rules coming up where EVERY THING it touches is a hit will make it that much more powerful.

This battle came down to die rolls. I think they were evenly matched opponents and I want to play them again. Be watching for my "How to paint: Space Marines Blood Angels" videos!


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