Warhammer 40k Space Marines Blood Angels: Codex Rumor Mill?

Bell of Lost Souls has posted these rumors about the upcoming SM codex:

OK people, the dex is back from the printers and it's a real peach! Base rules written Jervis, trimmings written by Matthew Hoggard I think his name is.

The info bellow is 100% taken from a final print new SM dex.

144 pages. (twice he size of the necron dex)
Written by Jervis + Matt
Cover art of Ultramarines
Section for each of the Chapters of Legend (like Eldar Craftworlds in C:Eldar) but without any in-game rules.

General Marine Rules
Combat Squads works as codex Dark angels. 1 Heavy 1 special.
New marine rule, based on Ld, called Comabt tactics.
New Drop pod rule.
Traits dissapear.
Free frag grenades, krak grenades and bolt pistols.

Unit Rules
new techmarine rules has a new option in the form of the thunderfire
Master of the forge, has a conversion beamer.
new land raider variant, called the Redeemer with Str 6 AP3 flamer sponsons and twin linked assault cannon. Sallies like this and the colour section has one in sallies colours.
3 Dread variants. Again sallies seem to favour the new Ironclad Dread which is like a heavy assault/breaching dread. (AV13)
New Veteran rules - Tactical Vets (special ammo like death watch.), and Assault vets (can have jump packs and an assaulted array of nasty CC weapons) can deep strike and assault in the same turn.
Scout bikers will remain.
No two special weapons even for Sallies .
5 man terminator squads 1 heavy.
Commander in terminator armour on a bike or has a jump pack has no bearing on army selection. However special characters do.
Rites of battle is gone. But marine captain get Halos

Special Characters
11 specials which add chapter traits to your army, Calgar, Tigirius, Lysander, Shrike, Kronos, Sicarius, Kantor, Tu'Shan (WTF really hard guy probably the best SM charater in the game but at 200+ points...), Cassius, White Scar guy and scout character, all will have models.

Other Stuff
Drop pod kit looks similar to the forgworld kit but is hollow with seats around the edges and a control table in the middle. Storm bolter come down from the ceiling of the pod when deployed.
Drop pod kit priced about the same as rhino's (£18)
Codex release date is October
Plastic LR redeemer/crusader
Plastic Scout bikers, imaging scouts on scrambler bikes!
Retooled Plastic Land speeder + another new varient which works with scout squads call land speeder storm.
Scouts have helfire heavy bolter rouns but are WS and BS 3 and are still troops
Thunderfire a thuddgun/molemortar cross.
New metal range (I think more metal vets!..... again.... mmmm jump packs!)
New Sicarus now has hair and a beard! *shrugs* go figure!
Razor back has may weapon option, twin heavy bolter, Heavy Flamers, Assault Cannons, Multimelta, Lascannon, and Lascon and twin plasma guns.
New HQ units.

Marines are now what you may call pretty hard!


Master of the forge


Vanguard Vets (tact vets)
??? Vets (assault vets)
Venerable Dreadnought
Iornclad Dreadnought
Techmarines - Thunderfire


Tactical Marines


Drop Pod
Land Speeder Strom (Scouts only)


Assault Marines
Scout Biks
Attack Bikes


Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer"

~There is talk about the marine special rule being voluntary fallback, and the possibility of veterans being able to deepstrike and charge on the same turn. Wow, voluntary fallback, and the conversion beamer makes their return. Thats a lot of cool stuff in there. More as we get it, and as usual, Caveat Emptor folks.

So, there are some GREAT GREAT things here. LR Redeemer with the flamers on the side.. deep striking and assaulting in same turn!!! Assault Drop pods!!!! Ironclad Dreads. So much great stuff. Maybe we will actually see space marines climb to the top of the heap? I mean, really, at Gamesday 2008, in the top 12 armies, there were no less then 10 Tyranid armies...all pretty much the same. That needs to stop. I will gladly give up Assault Cannons for the nerfing of Genestealers...

So how will this impact your army? In another post, I talked about my options, wether I would build my Blood Angels, or revamp my Black Templars as my new 5th edition Marines. Of COURSE I am sticking with my Angels.. but I might have to try both! :) Opinions?


RonSaikowski said...

I think I'm going to stick with Dark Angels, while probably not the most powerful build out there... I enjoy the challenge and the reward when I do win.

Somewhat_Damaged said...

blood angels/dark angels/templars won't be affected whatsoever with the new book. im sticking with blood angels but im picking up a few drop pods and vet.assault squad boxes

jawaballs said...

I drool at the thought of 3 Veteran squads pouring out of Drop Pods... And they are free with Blood Angels.. 220 points buys a 6 man vet squad, in a drop pod with 3 power weapons... Add 10 more points each, and you can get 2 flamers each. I will take two of those, and a Furioso with a heavy flamer for 155. Flamer and Melta templates are going to be much more hurtful... Lets see those Genestealer armies stand up to that!!

jawaballs said...

Ok, Check out this!

Commander Dante 200

Honour Guard One 125
Jump Packs 25
Power Weapon x2 30
Company Standard 10
Blood Angels Chapter Banner 15
Company Champion 25

Total 400


Assault Squad One: 140
Power Sword 15
Drop Pod

Assault Squad Two: 140
Power Sword 15
Drop Pod

Total Troops: 310

Death Company
Death Company x6 -
Jump Packs x6 30

Veteran Assault Squad x5 150
Power Weapon x3 45
Flamer x2 10
Drop Pod

Veteran Assault Squad x5 150
Power Weapon x3 45
Flamer x2 10
Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought 100
Drop Pod 50
Heavy Flamer 5

Total Elite 625

Heavy Support:

Devastator Squad 115
+5 Marines 75
Plasma Cannon x2 50
Lascannon 35
Heavy Bolter 15

Vindicator 125

Total Heavy 415

Total 1750

Dante, His honour Guar and Death Company going in with Jump packs, along with 2 vet squads, 2 troop assault squads, and a furioso coming down with 5 flamers in drop pods, and a 10 man Dev squad and a vindicator!!! DROOOOOLLL

Somewhat_Damaged said...

i think a few people might cry cheese by only using 2 5man troop units and 3(4) elite units

jawaballs said...

True, its a bit cheezy, but really, I think it was 10 of the top 12 players at the 08 Gamesday that used Tyranids. It was ten virtually identical armies! Fight cheese with cheese!

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