Blood Angels March On: Blood Angels vs Grey Knights

So, a splinter cell of Grey Knights lead by an upstart inquisitor decided to attempt to bring the purging light to Dante and his Second Company based on rumors of heresy. Well, the Emperor's shining grace smiled brightly upon Dante this day. After 3 rounds of combat, the remaining Grey Knights were kneeling in subservience and pledging oaths of servitude to the Blood Angels in exchange for their heretical lives. No quarter was given and mercy was granted in swift and painless executions of all but one of the weak and sniveling grey ones. He was stripped of his armor and given a small shuttle to fly back to to Ordo Malleous with a message. "The Blood Angels are Sanguinius Incarnate and above the suspicion of warp spawn priests."

I played Fritz's new Grey Knight army list on Friday, and it was a blood bath. He was entirely outmatched from the beginning. He played a GK Land Raider, 6 Terminators with Brother Captain, 3 squads of 8-10 strong GKs, one embarked in the LR with the Inquisitor in Power Armor, and a GK Dreadnought with TL Lascannon and Missle Launcher. I played my standard BA list.

The mission was 5 loot counters with a 12 inch deployment zone. He deployed first and lined up in a charge to head straight for my side of the board where most of the loot was. I matched his deployment with my standard formation as discussed in a previous post. DC infront of the Dreads lead by Bro Corb, the Vets and Dante supporting, with the heavy weapon teams giving support from the flanks, the Baal and Vind providing spear head armor, and my troops squads ready to go grab objectives.

I failed to win the initiative and he went first. He moved his LR up 12 and popped smoke. His Dread and GKS shot but only killed 1 DC and 1 Dev trooper. On my turn, I moved up and was able to assault his LR. My Lascannons killed his Dread and took a Las off the LR. My devs killed most of a squad of GKs with Plasmacannon fire, along with help from the Baal. My vindicator moved to flank. In the assault, the LR was imobilized.

Turn Two his Inquisitor disembarked and assaulted the Baal, failing to hurt it. His Terms came down, but had no shots. At the end of his shooting, I was still only down 1 DC and 1 marine. My shooting reduced the rest of the squad of GK I had been fireing at. My remaining DC moved on another squad of GK. The LR was relieved of its other Las and I redeployed my Vind to go deal with his terms. I tank shocked the Inquisitor who decided to Death or Glory... he failed and was crushed below my treads. In the assault, my DC killed a few GKs, the LR was destroyed and the passengers disembarked.

Turn three ended it. He had 4 GKs locked in CC with some DC. A squad of Terms, A Calidus assasin, and a squad of GKs. He had to kill my 3 troop choices. He brought in the assasin, who managed to kill my Lascannon Combat Squad. But she was lined up for counter assault by my assault squad. He tried to shoot up my other combat squad who was on an objective, but only killed one. At the end of his turn, all of his remaining troops were lined up for vicious assaults from my forces. The Vindicator was about to drop a blast on his entire squad of terms, Dante, the Baal, Corb, 2 dev squads and a combat squad were about to tear apart his last GK squad, and my other furioso was about to go assault his last GK squad. None would survive. So I offered poor Fritz an honorable surrender and execution. All of the GKs were put to the sword. Save one.

Glory to the Emperor and Sanguinius.


Fritz said...

Bah! I will have revenge on Dante!

jawaballs said...

Hey Fritz! I saw that I forgot to remove part of the clip that showed your face in the first version of this vid, so I took it down and edited it. :) Gots to maintain the mystery!

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