Blood Angels: Veteran Assault Squad vs Honour Guard with Second Company Banner

Ok, soo, after thinking about it, I decided to switch my VAS in my standard list to the HG. Really, the only difference is that the HG can take upgrade troopers. But also, I belive I can deploy it attached to Dante in some missions that might leave my VAS forced to deploy in reserves. Can any one confirm/deny this? It would be a nice help to start them on the table in those dumb missions that only allow troops and HQ to start. I am also thinking about switching one of my Death Company Furioso Dreads to a normal Furioso and buying back my 2nd company banner. It grants the squad, and attached characters an additional close combat attack, as well as reroll all failed morale. I figure that the squad getting an extra guaranteed attack each, plus Dante getting in one more hit at his initiative will more then equal out the 1 to 3 bonus attacks that my Dread may get. Since I tend to use them in unison, I think the trade off will be worth it.


jawaballs said...

OH, and as soon as I get them, I will be using the Sternguard jump pack squad as an HG. Be looking for the videos as I paint them!

Anonymous said...

WHat mission would anything have to be deployed in reserve? Not the stndard missions, at least. Everything comes on the board at the beginning of the first turn of the Dawn of War mission unless you specifically want a unit to be in reserve.

If you're worried about special missions (like at tournaments), I don't think that the HG has a special status like a retinue might. The HG is just a HQ unit that doesn't cost an HQ slot. It's "...otherwise treated as a seperate HQ unit". So, Dante (or whoever) can attach himself to the unit ahead of time... but he could do that to any unit. If there's a mission that only allows a certain number of units to be deployed initally and all others in reserve (DoW doesn't force you to put anything in reserve, nor deploy anything initially if you don't want), then opponents might argue that Dante and the HG are two seperate HQ units, even if Dante is attached to it... but hopefully not.
In any case, there's no preparing for whacky scenario rules.

jawaballs said...

I guess I was talking about that tournament one where you deploy an HQ and all troops at the start, and the rest of your forces use reserve rules to come on the table.

Concerning Dante Joining the HG squad, I think that scenario requires 1 HQ to be deployed, which means I could deploy the HG or Dante since they both count as HQ for deployment. But if Dante is part of that squad, then they both count as 1 HQ as far as deployment is concerned right?

This is just a minor issue regardless and not a reason to make any decisions in army composition for me. Im mostly just going for the banner.

fenrisiandog said...

that might actually be worth calling direct services about. be warned though that the bolter fire shall consume your soul!!! lol just wait like 5 mins

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