Warhammer 40k Blood Angels: Battle Report 'ard boys tournament

Here is a submission from a reader. Check it out! Nice job Kevin.

Oh Great anf Mighty Brother Jawaballs,

Great site, of course.
Below I've added a short batrep of my recent 'ard Boyz qualifier with
my Blood Angels. If you're not especially interested in that, stop
reading now! Feel free to post it, edit it, or delete it as you see

For Sanguinius!

Kevin Horner
This was my first big tournament of the year, and was quite a lot of
fun... though I was not in the best of shape, as I had not slept for
about 30 hours by the end of the 3rd game. Still, it was a lot of fun,
and there were no 5 KP Guard armies there.
My apologies for the lack of details throughout the game.
My list -
Dante and an HG w/ a Sang. Priest, a Chapter banner, a flamer, and 1
pw, Lemartes and a 6-strong DC.
3 x 10-man Tac squads w/ power weapon, flamer, and plasma cannon, one
had a Tl-lascannon-armed Razorback
a 10-man Tac squad w/ a pw, plasma gun, and plasma cannon, and a
Rhino. I tended to combat squad this unit.
a 10-man RAS w/ a power fist
a 3-bike attack bike squadron, all with multi-meltas
a Baal Predator w/ heavy flamers
a Whirlwind which I usually loaded with incendiary rounds
a plasma-cannon armed dreadnought
a venerable Death Company Furioso

Game 1 - vs Blood Angels
His list -
A Land Raider Crusader
Dante, a Chaplain, a large DC, an assault squad (RAS, I believe)
a small shooty Terminator squad, some footslogger Tacticals
a LS w/ multimelta, and a Vindicator
5 objectives, Deployment: table quarters
Lots of cover, deployed 4 tactical squads with just plasma cannons in
fire lanes, 2 on top of 2 objectives , plasma gun combat squad in
TL-lascannon razorback to capture nearby objective. Fairly ineffective
shooting all around all game, Opponent shot up DC, which was screening
LEmartes, Dante, HG, and dreadnoughts. His Dante/Chaplain/DC/RAS
combination ate up one RAS, but that and the surprise of a teleporting
shooty Terminator squad were most of the tense moments of the game. I
had resigned myself to losing this... I was sure that my combat squad
soon to be crushed between the anvil of a nearby Terminator squad and
the hammer of a huge formation of enemy assault troops was too far
away from an objective... but when time was called they were within
control range and the enemy forces too far away.
If the game had gone even one turn more he would have crushed me, as
my own assault element couldn't even kill an immobilized Land Speeder.

Game 2 - Vs Orks
His list -
I was starting to fade here, but I remember there being an annoying
FNP mob, some biker nobs, a battlewagon full of boyz, grots, some
meganobz in a vehicle, and cannon or lootaz on Guard heavy-weapon
Objective: kill points
Deployment: DoW (which we forgot all game until after shooting was
over, each turn)
This was played on a ruined cityscape, so the Sons of Sanguinius set
up in cover, hoping to thin out the greeskin hordes before mounting a
countercharge that would sweep the xeno scum form the field.
Unfortunately, fire discipline was not maintained properly despite the
presence of Chapter Master Dante and Chaplin Lemartes, so rather than
wipe out the lowly gretchin as the Marines should have, they wasted
the holy plasma of Mars on the too-numerous squads advancing across
the ruins. The Blood Angels' mistakes were critical, as a potentially
game-changing charge by the RAS failed to reach the enemy biker nobz.
When the game was called, two tactical squads and a 3-strong attack
bike squadron had been eliminated, while none of the enemy squads were

Game 3 - Vs Orks
His list -
A Dread babysitted by a KFF-mek, a squadron of Kans, a large boyz mob,
a small biker squad, lootas, stormboyz, a trukk of boyz, and there
must have been others, but I forget.
Objective: kill points and 1 objective each
Deployment: DoW (which we forgot again)

The greenskins went first, deploying the largest mob right at the
table half in cover, the dread and mek at the half-table line, and
everything else coming out on his turn: the kanz near his objective
(though it turns out this was a mistake rather than the kunnin' plan I
thought it was), and so on.

The Angels of Blood had only a little cover in this battle, so
deployed two Tactical Squads around their objective and most of the
balance (a tactical Squad, a RAS, and Lemartes) on the far right
intending to make its way to the enemy objective.

The Orks surged forward, but terrain slowed them. They had little
firepower other than mostly ineffectual Lootaz, and the Marine
shooting was a bit more useful this time around. An early Orky assault
was countered by a furious attack by a RAS, Lemartes and the DC, and
Dante and his Honor Guard. Needless to say, that enemy was destroyed
handily, and this wave of righteous fury continued on to surround a
second enemy mob that had moved out of cover to try to wipe out the
The HG's Chapter banner helped immensely in these two assaults, as did
Lemartes Litanies of Hate for the DC. Time was called here too...
pushing around that many figures in assault (and rolling all those
attacks on either side) took forever. The game was something of a
victory for the Marines, though... the BAs shooty elements poured
everthing they had into a smallish mob of Stormboyz that had moved to
the middle of the board. Though in cover, the Whirlwind's incendiary
rounds were of prime importance in wiping out this enemy unit. The
Orks had lost two mobs of boyz and their Stormboyz, while the Marines
had only minor casualties.
Though this game might have been touch-and-go if it had gone longer, I
think I could have taken it anyway(even though Orks alwas give me
fits), as I was given the opportunity to destroy the enemy units
piecemeal. To be fair, though... my opponent (I think) was ready to
pack it in for the day and mostly wanted to see the orky carnage as
soon as possible. The orks on my left (bikers, the lootaz, and a bit
more) were wary of my dreadnought, so rather than roll up my left
flank they redeployed more toward my center, which helped some.

All of my opponents were great to play against, and were very patient
with me being sleep-deprived beyond all sanity. I ended up 2nd in the
tournament, having a 2-1 record.


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