Holy Mechanicon Jawaballs!

So much to post. I just got home a little while ago. It took 4.5 hours to do it. Damn traffic. I have so much content that I don't know where to begin. Plus my head is all loopty so I really shouldnt do any writing at all right now. This week I will be putting up video on youtube, and I have 6 more batreps to write up from all my games in PA. You will no doubt see the results posted some place before I get around to finishing with the batreps, so I will just let it out now. I took 3rd best overall. But would likely have taken 1st. All I had to do was keep Corbulo in his rhino at the end of the last game. Instead I thought it would be smart to get him out and run away from a couple of Carnifexs that were bearing down on him. He got picked off by a Hive Tyrant and caused me to draw instead of win the last game. Oh well!

I just wanted to thank Tony and the guys at Mechanicon for putting on a great event. Complete reviews coming soon!

In the meantime, ponder this. If YOU had your choice of what would happen at a GT event, what would you want? What kind of events? Prize Support? rules? judging? How would you create your perfect GT?


Steven Morrow said...

3rd! how is that possible without using a super duper mathhammer internet army LOL

AutarchAndrew said...

did they post the standing online im curious on seeing where i stood :)

Warren said...

Congrats man, can't wait to see the batreps.

Cannonfodder said...

Congratulations! Also nice batrep you wrote there. You managed to keep it crisp and understandable- a thing not many players achieve. I am looking forward for more of them!

Docrailgun said...

Good job. Sanguinius represent!

CJ said...

Nice one Jawwa you would have totally taken 1ste overall if the whole army was painted to your normale standeard. It seems this list is really working out for you. I was very surprised to see 6 attackbikes in the list and the CC Dreads in droppods. Unusual but like all thing unusual pretty effective if only for the element of surprise.

Looking forward to the battle reps and videos of the event to see how you played the list.

Cheers CJ

Flekkzo said...

I'd split the tourney up in two tournies. One 'ard core battle to the bones. Scoring being set up for playing well. Painting, sportsmanship, and other soft scores have no place here. Those who really truly want to beat the others play this.

The other tourney gives points for good/imaginative painting and modelling, themed armies, best moment (think Ork player timing a vocal Waaagh! perfectly or someone succeeding against the odds and really entertaining everyone), uncommon units, etc, etc. You play because you love the hobby and you spend lots of time off the table and want memories rather than trophies.

That is what I'd like to see. :)

Jwolf said...

Congratulations on being at top table for game 5 and placing third without maximum painting. I look froward to reading your battle reports.

Fury said...

Way to go!!! 3rd place is a great result, and just a few Corbulo inv saves from 1st, nice.
I can't wait to see those batreps.


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