Jawaballs at Mechanicon GT Game Two Battle Report Blood Angels vs Necrons

Game two at Mechanicon brought me to the table against a kid I had met the night before, Brad. He had Necrons. Necrons you say? Game two bye right? Wrong. What can I say? The kid knew what he was doing and had a tough army.

Victory Points Annihialiate
1850 Necrons vs Blood Angels
Monolith x2
Immortals x10
Destroyers 2 squads
warriors 2 or 3 squads.

From the start I knew I was in trouble. I played him the night before, and barely won in a similar mission. My goal was to drop my dreads and take out his deceiver and monoliths. It was my only hope. I could not phase him out because I lack the intense assault power to do it. I had to rely on my hard hitting dreads and my torrent of fire to do the job.

Turn 1:
I deployed first and set up to shoot. I had to stay out of his range and try to hurt him, and hopefully get some high strength shots at his deceiver and drop it before my pods came down. My first shot immobilized the Monolith that was blocking his Deceiver from LoS. Good start. But that would be about all the luck I would see all game. No other shooting from me would do any thin this turn.

On his turn, he advanced the other Mono and brought out his deceiver behind some cover. That would be my opportunity! I had to make use of it. He did some shooting at my preds and glanced two of them. This would happen all game too, he did just about all Necrons can do against tanks, and kept them from shooting most of the game.

Turn 2:
Time to play! I dropped both my pods, boxing in his other monolith. Then I fired every thing I had at his Deceiver, scoring a few wounds on it. I had hoped to kill it so it would not be assaulting my dreads. :(

On his turn he kept supressing my tanks, and assaulted and killed one of my dreads with the deceiver. Thats about it!

Turn 3:
This game was turning into a chess match now. I began shooting at his troops to try to take em down. I had the immortals down to just one model but failed to wipe it out. He would then suck them through his monolith and bring them all back. I assaulted his other monolith with my dread, ignoring the deceiver since he would be assaulting my dread any way and going first. I did take more shots at it though, wounding it again. It would be more of a fair fight this time. My dread exploded his monolith and prepared for the charge.

On his turn, Brad did more cursed supressing fire. How totally effective against my army! He tried running away with his warriors and charged my dread with his deceiver... He failed to hurt the dread due to Venerable status, and my boy got his licks in, killing the deceiver! Now I had just two turns to get over to the other lith and take it down.

Turn 4:
Much of the same. I unloaded on a Destroyer squad this time, brought it down to one model, and he sucked it back through the monolith and brought them all back. Then he destroyed my other dread with Destroyers from behind! That would eliminate my chances of a victory. And in fact, turn the game into a win for him!

Turn 5:
I did all the shooting I could do. I reduced another squad to just one model, but he brought it back with the monolith. He killed most of my bikes, and my death company rolled snake eyes jumping into terrain and died. Ugh.

At the end he would have 400 more victory points then me and score the morale victory.

My biggest mistake was to keep my two tacticals in full squads of 10 and not move them. All game all they did was shoot their damn Lascannons instead of moving up and assaulting. This is what cost me the game. Had I combat squaded them, I could have gotten into his face and finished the jobs my Predators started but could not finish themselves.

Oh well, this game set me down a few tables, and paired me up against Brads friend Nick and his Tyranid army for game 3. More to come.


Flekkzo said...

I thought that the Necrons was suppose to be pushovers. Sounds like they were pretty tough to me. Murdering venerable dreads like that is homicide:)

Bushido Red Panda said...

The deceiver is incredible.

However, I'm not sure how he pulled off that list in 1850 points...

Michael said...

Jawa, you should have had your dreads in his warriors asap. And all your fire into them as well.

3 squads of warriors should have been cake for you, and then the phase out would have been locked in, since he spent so many points on 'liths and the deciever. Then his monoliths are worthless, and the deciever gets sent home to the stars crying.

Adam said...

It's always tempting to field 10-man marine squads in a Kill Point game. But the best way is to not worry about your army and go kill the other guy.

At least you'll know for next time.

It's scary what a mediocre army that's played well can do isn't it? This is what I love about tournaments. Sometimes you think your opponent is going to be a push over, but then they beat you by Playing The Game, not just Playing An Army List.

jawaballs said...

Michael, You're partially right. I had to only kill 30 necrons. Had I just landed and flamed his warriors and ignored the big stuff I would have probably won. But with his monoliths he can pull them out of combat. I was hoping to kill the big stuff and keep my dreads alive, then they would kill the warriors at my leisure.

Adam, I think more to the case was me not playing my army properly. Had I simply combat squaded and sent in the rhinos I would have phased him out. I sat back afraid to kill and take losses. I forgot that it did not matter what I had left on the table so long as he phased. Lesson learned! But take nothing away from Brad, he played his army well.

Necrotyr18 said...

I am Brad, the Necron player he faced. My list exacts are:
10 Immortals
11 Warriors
11 Warriors
4 Destroyers
4 Destroyers

Total - 1846
Phase Out - 10

It was a great game and would gladly play him again any time. On one final note I have a new found hatred for venerable furioso dreadnaughts.

Marshall Wilhelm said...

Well I am no pro, and I miss out on all the subtleties of your armies interacting with one another, so make of this what you will;

As well as combat squading (as you said) go for broke against one "Necron" squad per turn with everything.

3 Baals, 6 AB, 2 cs and the Dreads would have killed 11 Warriors in one turn, if you can bring them all to bear....

That then stops the Monolith shenanigans, right? (statement/question)

I guess sometimes things just don't work out....

Thank you for sharing, I really love it and I get to learn vicariously :)

Necrotyr18 said...

You assaume all can see the on squad and all can shoot. I had turn one.

And yes down a squad assuming there isn't a same type model within 6" the whole squad is dead.

jawaballs said...

Thing is he kept his warriors behind the monoloths which were behind the deceiver, destroyer and imortals. Just take out the immortals right? Well, I sure tried. In several turns I pumped every shot I could into them and they just got back up! The warriors were out of range and hidden the whole game. If I had dropped both pods next to both his warrior squads, then pumped every shot into his immortals the whole game, I would have probably won, but alas, hindsight is 20/20. Next time, I will stick to you Brad!

Flekkzo said...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda… I just think that Brad rocked. Well played!

I am interested in anything you have to say about dual drop pod dreads. Thinking of having dual ironclads with dual ccw and dual heavy flamers in drop pods:)

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