Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Chaos Marines

Baal Prime:

...ssshhkiiitttt... static.... beep beep...

..."Incoming Transmission"... Forward scouting party reporting in... Sir! We have come under heavy fire... ssshhkiittt... ...encountered large force of Traitor marines led by Kharn himself!... Our position compromized... Please advi......

And that is it Lord Dante. Before their final transmission our scouts reported sightings of Kharn, Noice Marines, Berzerkers, Plague Bearers, heavy armor and even daemons. It looks like Kharn has managed to rally forces from all sectors of the Chaos realm. They have taken control of an inactive munitions depot and are using three key power relays to erect some sort of machinery. This chaos cursed machine seems to be able to tear a rift in the warp in order to bring in reinforces. The depot will be rounding Prime Secundus for one more cycle, allowing our drop forces the opportunity to land under the cover of darkness, then strike with first light.

Captain Colaradros, ready the 2nd company and move to intercept this force. Exterminate them with full prejudice. Suffer not Chaos to live. Bring me the Head of the Betrayer. For Sanguinius and the Emperor. Dante out.

Mission: Capture and Control 3 power relays
Deployment: Dawn of War

My opponent won and took first turn. He deployed Noise Marines close to the middle of the board in a crater, and Plague Marines further back in a trench. He had a winged lord in the middle of the table behind terrain.

I deployed two 5 man Combat Squads in terrain with Lascannons.

Turn 1:
He went first, and his Noise Marines managed to draw range to one of my Las squads. 3 Blood Angels died in the horrific volley. The rest of his forces came on to the battle field. He moved a Predator with 3 Lascannons 12" as well as a vindicator. Kharn, some daemons, berzerkers in a rhino also moved on from the edge. The surviving marines were pinned.

On my turn I moved on my tanks in the back right corner. The two Baal preds providing cover for the two rhinos moving in behind. My bikes moved on behind my other Combat Squad on the left side. They would intercept a charging Khorne rhino. I killed some Noise Marines with Predator fire.

Turn 2:
The chaos scum would finish off the two marines that were pinned down by noise marines. The Berzerkers moved up in their rhino and the predator and vindicator fired on a Baal but failed to hurt it.

On my turn, two of my pods came down. One dread deployed and vaporized Kharn with a melta shot. The other dropped right in front of his Vindicator but missed with the melta gun. My bikes destroyed his Khorne rhino and killed a couple of berzerkers in the explosion. My predators layed down supressing fire on the Noise Marines killing all but four while one of my rhinos used the distraction to move fast up the right edge of the board. It was going to flank around and claim an uncontested objective in the rear while the predators cleared a hole for it.

Turn 3:
He tried to get his berzerkers away from my dreadnought. He moved them up on bikes and killed them. He also moved his winged lord to the squad but was out of range to assault. He fired his Vindicator on the dread right in front of it, but it scattered onto his own Plague Marines! Killing 4. He fired his Lascannon shots at another dread, but only blew off an arm. The dreads would assault!

On my turn I dropped my other pod near his berzerkers, and the dread got out and flamed them, killing a couple more. My predators finished off the Noise Marines and one of my dreads charged the squad of Plague marines who got hit with their own Vindicator and killed them all while the other one charged his daemons. That fight would last til the end of the game, but they were out of it.

At the end of turn 3 the game was mostly over. His Plague Marines and Noise Marines were dead. He had his daemons tied up in combat against a dread they could not hurt and his Berzerkers were being chased by another angry dread.

Turn 4:

Attempting to save stop my charge, the vindicator fired on my flanking Rhino but scattered off. The Las Pred fired on my Rhino, but only Stunned it, which was reduced to a Shaken because I always take extra armor. (One more example where having extra armor made a difference. Had I not had it, I would have not gotten that squad into objetive scoring range.) In the assaults, his zerkers killed off my Las team while his lord jumped into terrain and took a wound. Another Daemon died to my dread.

On my turn, my predators sprayed some shots at his vindicator. My rhino, that was only shaken due to extra armor, moved 18" to just barely claim an objective. The other rhino moved up and claimed a second. The dread that slaughtered the Plague Marines moved up and assaulted his Vindicator, exploding it. On the left side, my Death Company finally came on...(I forgot to bring them on sooner) and they assaulted the lord and killed him.

Turn 5:
The game was pretty much over. He assaulted my DC models with his remaining zerkers and killed them then massacred into a trench. His Las pred fired on the Dread charging it, but failed to stop him. That was all he had left!

I immobilized the rhino on the trench next to its objective, but the boys inside bailed out and fired their melta on the Las pred while the Dread moved up and shot at it as well. Both missed, but the Dread would managed to reach it in assault, and exploded it. The zerker dread charged them and squished them as well! Game over.

The dreads coming out of pods were simply outstanding. They tore things up in the middle of the table. The key was killing Kharn with a melta shot coming out of the pod. He was the only model on the table that could do more then a grenade in close combat against my dreads. Once he was dead, my dreads would be able to charge into combat with abandon. And they did. So that wraps it up. This game serves as a tune up game for my next Tournament action in January. With the little jawa coming any second now, I probably wont get in many more games, so it was good to work out a few things.

Bring on the Conflict GT!



Kevinmcd28 said...

ive decided that i wanted to start a zerker spam with kharn world eaters flufffest, what is kharn any good at? also are the venerable dreads in pods worth it? everytime i deepstrike dreads in pods they got popped same turn

jawaballs said...

They are badass! I wrote a long tactical post here on how I use them not long ago. Check it out!

Steven Morrow said...

Venerable dreads in pods are nasty stuff. Friend of mine uses a melta dread in his wolves and it immediately dominates a large area.

Ash said...

Kharn is a dread Killer. Gore Child (his axe gets 2d6 to pen and he hits anything with a WS on a 2+. The Zerks with him are only extr hit points. Although if I can get him in the charge I will split him off to kill Tanks and Walkers.

He can be Insta killed but if you us him smart you will have enemies running from him. He needs to be in a vehicle or squad to prevent him from being picked off by gun fire then split him into assault.

People will tell you that he will die the first hit he takes in CC with a dread. Not so he is Int 6 on the charge and has 6 or seven attacks at Str 6 hitting on a 2+ the Dread will be dead before he gets to swing. Just consider the after effects if the dread is dead he can be shot the next turn. So bring his squad if you don't want to get shot.

I also Like to run him in a Land Raider if it is a 2000pt game other wise a Rhino but the rhino takes for Finesse. I have battle reports up on my blog from the Last Tournament that I ran Kharn in I took best General.

Zac said...

hey jawa big fan of videos and i was wondering if u could help me put together a 750 point army already have the 500 point one that u showed on a video put i need help plz reply o ya i play BA lol almost forgot

Zac said...

o yea my email is ty plz reply

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