Jawaballs and Fritz broadcast live: Take Two!

Happy New Year! To get it going in style, Jawaballs and Fritz will be broadcasting just about all day on December 30th LIVE! Thats right! We have lots of stuff planned: Space Hulk, Blood Angels vs Necrons, Plus lots of tactical stuff!

If you would like to see us explain something tactical, post here and we will see what we can do.

In order to see our live broadcast you will need to do a few things:

GO to http://www.ustream.tv/ and register for the site. You will need to be a registered user to log in.

Then go to: My Ustream TV station!

You will be prompted to enter a password. It is jawaballs1

What time? Who knows. I expect Fritz to arrive late in the morning Eastern Standard Time. I think the UK is 5 hours ahead of me. So 10 AM EST is 3PM in the UK and 7 AM in California. Google the time zones. Once Fritz arrives, we will be broadcasting for many hours. You will be able to chat via the Ustream IM chatroom program with each other, and we will be able to answer your questions through Audio.

So there you go! Come and see some Jawaballs and Fritz live fun.

Here is the youtube announcement.


Krissy said...

awww man, im working tomorrow :( im in the uk an finish work at 7pm so hopeing your still doing thing by then. I just got a new furioso for xmas of the wife so half way thru painting him :)

jawaballs said...

Guys are already logged in and chatting now! COme on over. Party starts early!

Kjetil said...


Just thought I'd chip in and help some of the time confusion. I know a mate of mine gets easily confused over that,

Turbo said...

hey jawa, is there any chance of posting this footage anywhere? maybe even just 10 minutes of highlights on youtube/the blog. its just that 11am wednesday in the US is roughly 12pm Thursday in australia, which of course is NYE :S

jawaballs said...

We will be posting highlights on youtube! :)

Saab(Greg) said...

Oh boy! Live entertainment while I'm at lab!

Do I have to call my local sports-book to place bets?

AutarchAndrew said...

demo turn 5 tatics with pods

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