Trying to get back to some sort of normalcy!

"Giants Caroling"
David Monette

The baby has come, the dust is starting to settle. Now to try to return to some sort of normal life! I am actually going to try to get in a game tonight!

The reason I am posting now though is to introduce you all to a very good friend of mine, David Monette. He is a fantasy illustrator and has done work for card games like Magic the Gathering and loads of magazines. He is ten times the artist I am and actually is the one who inspired me to become an artist and art teacher. So if you would like to see work from the guy who inspired me... check him out! I believe he does do commission painting. If you got some sweet model you would like to have immortalized in beautiful art, give him a shout, and I bet if you throw some money at him he will do it for you!

His style has changed through the years. He used to be purely a painter, focusing on extreme detail and always tried to work in his own sense of humor to his work. But recently, he has transformed himself by relearning his craft on the computer. In "Giants Caroling", a recent Christmas Card project for his agent, you can see that sense of irony coming out! So go on over to David's blog and become a follower. Comment on his work and enjoy his art! Oh, Jawa-followers who are also following David's blog may be eligible for some future Jawa-giveaways... hint hint...

Happy New Year!



Magilla Gurilla said...

Once you have kids my friend, there is no such thing as normalcy.

AutarchAndrew said...

Good too have you back buddy.I have a quick painting question for ya sometimes my paint goes on a little chunky is it the paint or the brush.what action do you recomend?

jawaballs said...

If you are not using a Kolinsky Sable brush, get one. As for the paint, chunky paint needs a little water. Just dip the brush into water then mix it into the paint. Dont use too much.

PalinMoonstride said...

Well at least with one kid its not too bad. Once you have two it's over man!

AutarchAndrew said...

im using a vallejo kolinksky

Longscope said...

Glad to hear you're rolling again Jawaballs

But as stated earlier, and coming from a recent father myself, there is no "back to normal". Your life has changed dramatically, your hobby is still your hobby, but you'll find that you're making more room for the baby than the other way around.

Oh, and don't try to "force" things back to normal, that'll just cause friction in the relationship and your woman will come to resent you. (take it from experience, it's a hard fight to fix resentment).

But I still get to paint occasionally, so there's that.

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