jawaballs needs a new logo! A mini jawa-contest.

Hey guys, in an attempt to head off Lucasfilm and their innevitable Cease and Desist for using a jawa in my logo, I am looking for a new offical logo for my site and videos. I have gotten some nice fan art that I use from time to time on my vids, but I am now looking for my new OFFICAL one! So I am opening this up to you. I wont let this one hang forever. Here are the rules.

Due date: Friday, Jan 15 at 8pm EST.

Email your entry to: jawaballs at yahoo

Size? Make your entry up to 8x10 at 300 resolution. No smaller then 5x7.

It must be a Jpeg.

No Lucasfilm or GW IP can be used. Jawaballs is stretching it as it is. That means no Hooded heads with glowing eyes. No Imperial Eagles. No Blood Angels logos. Etc.

The only copy that can appear is "A Jawaballs Production" But you can put it in any format you want.

Please do not include a signature or water mark.

The winner will receive some sort of Jawa-loot as determined when I make the selection. It depends on the entries I guess. Plus his art will replace my current logo as my offical letterhead and icon, at least until the next one is needed.

All entries may be used in some videos on youtube.

So bust out your photoshop skills. Bust out your colored pencils and paints. And start creating! Be professional. Artwork on lined paper will not be selected. Remember, I am an artist and art teacher myself! Use high resolution. It is ok to draw marines in power armor, so long as it is your own artwork. It is also ok to do parodies of offical IP. The angel wings and blood drop are out, but something that looks similar...

If I don't get enough quality entries, (Remember I will be putting this on all offical jawaballs productions corespondaence)the offical contest will be cancelled, but your entries will still be used in some of my videos to give you guys props.

Have Fun!



CJ said...

Hey Jawwa,

some follow up questions on your post. do you mean 8 by 10 Inches at 300 dpi? or 10 by 8 pixels at a max of 300dpi?

I might give this a go over the Christmas vacation. just had some photoshop and illustrator classes so should be a nice follow up.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples interpetation of the legendary Jawwaballs :).

Cheers CJ

Dezartfox said...

Indeed, 8 by 10 means nothing to us :) Also 300dpi is for printing?

Love playing on Ps so will give this a go for sure!

Kevinmcd28 said...

Is handrawn logos gonna get bias'd towards cause Id rather do a computer image

Vice said...

My Girlfriend is a fine arts major at our university... I think we can handle this challenge... tehe!

jawaballs said...

Ok, CJ wouldnt 8x10 pixles be just a few hairs in size? :) Just make the image very big, and very high res. I want to be able to enlarge or print it if needed and not have it pixelate. I wont be printing it any bigger then 8x10". Drawn or computer gen, makes no difference, I will take the one I like the best. If you guys are feeling froggy, we can open this up for Fritz too! I'm sure he would like one himself.

CJ said...

heheh I thought as much ;). And yeah I'll take on the fritz challenge as well if he also makes a post concerning his specific rules and wishes. Don't want to get a GW lawyer on my case.

Dezartfox 300dpi means you make the picture with a resolution of 300 pixels per square inch. (you can ad this in your photoshop file when you make a new file).

Cheers CJ

jawaballs said...

Just use the same rules as mine for Fritz. It can be my Christmas present to him. :) Dont use Way of Saim-Hann since that tickles IP use. Fritz 40k is probably fine. I'm sure he can chime in or post on his own blog if he has any thing to add.

Zac said...

jawaballs plz email me for help plz reply my email is little_man345@live.ca

jawaballs said...

Sorry buddy, but I don't have time to answer all the emails I get as it is. I simply can't go chasing some dude just so I can help him with a list!

Zac said...

hey man its ok but mabye if you have time could you post a 1500 point video it would really help but watever u can if u want to

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