As requested, my Mechanicon GT winning army list!

Hey folks. I did a writeup on BOLS about my recent win at The Mechanicon GT and I have gotten emails asking for a detailed army list, so here you go!

Librarian: Preferred Enemy and STR 10
Elite Chaplain: Melta Pistol
Elite Sang Priest: Terminator Armor

RAS 1:
Razor back

RAS 2:
Razor back
Melta Gun

Ras 3:

Ras 4:
Heavy Flamer

Terminator squad
4x lightning claws
1x hammer/ss

Land Raider Crusader dedicated transport
extra armor
multi melta
(chap, lib and priest hitch a ride)
3x auto cannon/las can sponson predators

There it is!  This is a shooty, defensive BA list.  What I mean is that I don't have the overpowering assault strength to cram my land raider down my opponent's throat.  I am better served keeping it back, using it to give cover or block LOS to my tanks, and shooting.  The idea is to use my las and auto cannons to get the jump on my opponent on Kill Points early, thus forcing him to come to me. Once he gets close I assault with my termies and rapid fire plasma with my razors.  This strategy worked well at Mechanicon.  When my termies do assault, they usually wipe out whatever they hit. So keeping them unexposed to the counter assault is key.

When this army does need to assault though, they can be overwhelming.  With some lucky rolls on the red thirst, or if I am able to use my RAS in tandem with my priest, they can be truly frightening.  But I am definitely not optimized for assault.  My RAS squads really cant survive against any but the weakest of squads.  Any truly dedicated assault squad will take them down.  So they stay in their razors. But having two melta guns is a boon. I run the flamer back up behind my raider if needed, then it can 12" move from behind, disembark and shoot the melta for an extra shot at cracking a transport giving the termies a squad to assault.  Ideally I disembark them within 6" of the priest so they have a chance to survive the following shooting turn.  The question, how do I adapt? What do I change? I was on the verge of scrapping this list completely, but then I up and win a GT.  What to do???



Druthu said...

Fantastic paint job...

Jawaballs said...

I still have them set up, I will try to get close ups later this week.

Michael Hogan said...

Congragulations! I've been using my Land Raider in my Grey Knights similarly and it has been of some help, though I can see how it would benefit your army list more.

Gredus said...

Did you come up against any Tau Jawaballs? An army like that is exactly something I'd enjoy going against as there is lots of vehicles to pop.

Gredus said...

Just read the BOLS article. Zero Tau makes me sad. When Mech is the Meta and we're so awesome at anti mech it's sad to see people skipping them. I guess it just gives me a personal boost to represent for all the UK and Ireland Tournaments I can hit up in 2011

Anonymous said...

I play a thousand sons themed army and I do the same thing with my land raider.

There is just too much melta out there nowadays and raiders aren't really assault vehicles unless you have multiples of them.

Jawaballs said...

Tau are one of the scariest armies to play against. My standard operating procedure for them is to move every thing 12-18", pop smoke and grin and bear it. Next turn, things are gonna die. :)

BJ said...

Congratulations and the army looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Make your jp list! It will be funner!

Jazzy614 said...

hiya jawaballs, I was wondering if you could think of any ideas for a hawk lords chapter from the space marines codex, on page 112 but a but a bit darker main coat. at the moment I use a mix of hormaguant purple foundation with lich purple mix for the main coat, and warlock purple and hormaguant purple for the high light using your blending videos, please help, thanks.

tim said...

hey jawaballs, are you going to start that jump pack list you talked about on BoLS?

kaintxu said...

Hi there, Jawa why the chaplain if you have the librarian for prefered enemy?

What would you think of a similar list but instead of 3 AC/LC pred, 2 baal and 1 AC/LC, and instead of chaplain and liby, meph and another sanguinary priest?

I know there are posibly better option, but i would really like to run meph

Jawaballs said...

Meph is great, but does not work in my list. I dropped him in favor of the chap and libby and more points for the priest. I am not a fan at all of Baal Preds for my list. I sit back and bait you in. Baal Preds require an offensive mind set. They may work well in other lists, but not mine. And my libby has preferred enemy and str 10. I use the STR 10 when I charge, getting rerolls off the chaplain. Then on my opponents turn, if the combat is still going on, I use the Preferred Enemy to give myself rerolls. I try to assault a big bad ass squad and a weak one. Hope fully I will slaughter the bad ass squad, and the weak one will make their leadership test and keep my guys stuck in until my opponents turn. :) And Tim, yes, I will do the JP army. But not for a while. Dark Eldar are providing me with a much needed break from Blood Angels.

kaintxu said...

Jawa, if i don't have enough points for PF on all units, what would you give to units, PW or LC?

Jawaballs said...

Power Weapons.

kaintxu said...

is it allways better to go with power weapons over LC? i mean against WS 4 T4 they are the same, against lower WS and T PW is better, but against high T, LC is better, for the same points cost, would one be any good?

BTW no EA on predators? If you were using 2x Baal, 1x AC/LC would you give any of them EA¿

Jawaballs said...

EA on my preds is a waste. They rarely move once I have them in position. If I went with Baals I would probably give them EA because they are going to get hit, and being able to get them back to regroup is nice. Assaulting high T stuff with my squads is desperate. If I have to do that, things have gone terribly wrong!

seanod40k said...

Jawa, Love the BA i have everything you have there although not painted as pretty. A few questions, 1- Why the Las/plas on the RAZ instead of TL/LC or Asscans 2- only one TH/SS on the Terms? 3- Ive never run autocannons on Preds always go with the TL/LC how do they compare 4- Where do you get the Dragon red base spray paint you were talking about and finally 5- if your playing defensively why the LRC instead of the LR? thanks

sales said...

Hey please Chris please contact me John Hohman. I haven't heard from you in a couple of days what's going on with the miniatures I purchased from you? I thought they would be here by now.
(I'm posting this on John's behalf, I'm not J.Hohman... his PC is down.)

Jawaballs said...

No need to worry John! I mailed the payment into my bank, and it just cleared a couple days ago, and I need to finishing touching up the models before I send them out. Plus I started painting your termies! I am leaving for training in Cincinnatti today. Wont be home til MOnday night. I will have your models in the mail by Wednesday. Jawaballs

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