The Mechanicon! This weekend.

The Death Company was represented.

My "Death From Above: Stomp Stomp" list got me 3rd at last years
Mechanicon. I came a 3+ armor save away from winning
the whole thing! I also got 2nd at The Conflict a couple months later
with those Venerable Furioso Dreads.  

Imagine all of these raiders and Dark Eldar troops in flame 
and you will have a more accurate picture of what is going on here.

Here is is! This weekend is the second year of The Mechanicon!  Last year Tony and the boys ran an outstanding tournament and this year promises to be more of the same and better. But the Mechanicon is not just a tournament. Of all the gaming events I have been to, this is the most complete.  Mechanicon has a little bit of everything. You can peruse the website for the details, but throughout the tournament there will be combat squad tournaments, blood bowl tournaments, special issue games, and a charity auction.  While the 40k GT is the big draw, you are paying for much much more.  Last year, I was there alone because Fritz caught the flu and had to bail, but I was able to hang with cool dudes the entire time. The Mechanicon boys made me feel right at home, and I met some guys in the open gaming rooms that I still speak to now where ever I go. Necron Brad and Ted, who took best army with his gorgeous space wolves top the list.  

They open up the huge gaming room for all night games on Friday, and there is a bar in there. How cool is that?  Last year Ted Nagle and I were buying each other drinks all night and the challenge is to be the last man to buy a drink. It was not long before I lost track resulting in a very rough morning for me. 

So what is my list? That is a closely guarded secret and if I told you I would have to kill Brother Captain James. Actually my list is just an 1850 version of my 2k Nova list. I didn't have time to do yet another complete army.  However, this will probably be the last time I play a tournament with the Blood Angels in my current form.  Big changes for my list are in the works and I hope to drop that hammer at the next tournament. Maybe The Conflict!   I have been bouncing around all of the feed back people have been  sending my way, and trying to put together a truly dreadful list. 

Any way, I hope to see some of you at The Mechanicon. There may be still time to register and make the trip. I assure you, you will enjoy the weekend.  



kaintxu said...

Can't wait to see what you plan on building :D hope it's scary.

Have you posted your nova list anyplace around?

GL on the mechanicon and hope you have as much as a good time as you didi last year.

Jawaballs said...

I made lots of recent video on my nova list on youtube. Just search jawaballs on youtube and you will find it.

Gonewild said...

Jawa, is that a picture of you in Death Company armor? Did you succumb to the black rage? Congratulations on the tournament!

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