Space Hulk commissions?

Forgive the crappy picture. Methinks it is time to upgrade my pocket cam.  Here is a Space Hulk terminator that I am painting up for my own personal army. I hate my T-hammer termy and want to upgrade the model.  This guy has been sitting primed on my shelf for six months and I decided it was time to make it happen.  The shield needs more work, and I think I am going to push the recessed areas back further with more red gore and I will add some of my yellow lightning to the hammer.  

The other reason why I am showing this is that I have 3 factory sealed Space Hulk sets sitting in my closet waiting to be painted.  I know I missed the big wave of guys scrambling to scoop up Space Hulk sets, but if you are looking for a commissioned set, I'm open to negotiations.  Food for thought!



Michael Hogan said...

Awesome job, I really like the way his shoulder plate (personal heraldry thing?) matches your army well while still standing out.

Also: that bunny looks so creepy. Just saying.

matrent89 said...

I would be interested in purchasing a set of your terminators, you would have to set the price tho because i suck at negotiation.

Mandy Lin said...

wow, this termy is so good, and the creepy (cute) bunny made this picture look so cool.

Can you try another photo with that bunny in the background? I like that bunny

Jawaballs said...

Ok guys, I am looking into a fair price on commissions for space hulk termies. I need to find a value on the models first, then decide how much to charge to paint them. I think I will simply paint a set to begin with and base my pricing on that. The cost will be based on the time it takes me to paint. They are full of detail, and this guy did take a few hours. So who knows. I will have to think on this.

No, I won't be breaking down the squads or models. All 12 termies are going to be sold as a set. But I will offer them separate from the nids.

That bunny belonged to one of the kids in my gaming club today. I thought it made a nice creepy touch. :)

Messanger of Death said...

Completely off topic but is that you in the picture?

Because the banner looks like it is yours.


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