+++ Transmission Begins +++

So, it's good to be humbled, right?

If so, I had the best game of my life.

1000 points, the first game of a monthly campaign. Blood Angels vs Noise Marines.

The Blood Angels dropped and were immediately obliterated by AP3 noise weapons.

Game over.

+++ Transmission Ends +++

Always love a good update from DocRailgun. Jawaballs :)


FoxPhoenix135 said...

If that's true, I get in "good" games almost every time I get second turn for my guard army... :P

Nathan said...

Where was all your abundant FNP?

Biodon13/RedWidow said...

What a fantastic update. Had the same problem with my Space Marine army when playing against Noise Marines. Half my drop pods hit first turn...everyone died to shooting...the other half dropped one pod at a time and...

Cannonfodder said...

Strength 8 AP 3 Blastmaster- there goes your FNP

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