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It's the Capt of the 8th back for another romp in the blogosphere.

This is the start of a series about my army list and where it is headed based on in-game performance. Now I'm not going to try and sit down and analyze units and synergies etc. There are plenty of blogs out there for that, and let's be honest, they can do it better than I can (nods at Xaereth). What I can do is take my list that I am currently running and put the rubber to the road. I can put the army to the test and evolve my list from the performance I get. And all you statistics people don't get all "sample-size" on me, I don't have time to test units 50 times. I'll be just reporting my results, and how I plan to change things if I don't like how it goes.

So let's start with my most recent list. For those of you who have followed my blog, What I Do, you might have noticed that I have army list ADD. I make a new list a week it seems. I like to think through the process, and use the different units that I have at home and ideally painted. But I am trying to stick with a list and improve it. So here we go:

Librarian with jump pack
usually has Blood Lance and Shield of Sanguinius (great load-out for DS'ing marines)
Honor Guard with Jump packs
4x melta

2x Techmarine with jump pack
Power weapon and combi-melta
3x Sanguinary Priests
2x jump packs, and one on foot

4x Assault Squad with jump packs
10x marines
2x melta and power weapon on sergeant

3x Devastator Squad
5x marines
4x missile launchers

Almost a horde marine list. It totals 2000 points, has 60+ marines on the table, most of which have FNP. And let's be honest, this is not an original idea here. I took elements from different blogs out there and put them together in my own mix.

The plan of course is to place the Devs on the table to start in some 3+ cover with one of the Priests as a babysitter. The rest drops in, up close and personal. It packs a punch, but it seemed a bit copy and paste to me. I don't believe that "spamming" effective units is a bad thing per se. Some people will tell you that is the case, but if someone is telling you how to play with your plastic soldiers, then they need to just pump the brakes a bit.

So I wanted to make it a bit different, mix things up a tad, so I sent an email out to the boys at 3++ asking for help/ideas. In the meantime I got a game in against a Tau army. It was a massacre for the poor guy. I had tabled him by the bottom of turn 3. Nothing worth reporting, unless you like blowing up fancy hover tanks with melta guns and routing little blue skinned aliens in combat.

I came from the game feeling pretty good about the list and thinking that I had it all figured out. But Tau mostly fold to any army that can drop right on top of them reliably, and beat their faces in combat. It's just an older codex.

I then got a reply to my email in the form of a post, and it had some good ideas. Namely, my army lacked combat punch. Sure I have Furiously Charging marines everywhere, but they crumble to a dedicated CC unit. I had no counter to a Deathstar unit, or even a good hammer unit. This became super obvious when I played a small game vs Dark Eldar last weekend. It was a very interesting game that will get its own post here soon. I think it will be enjoyable, lol.

They suggested dropping some assault marines to make space for some Sanguinary Guard, ideally 2 units. I thought it was a good idea and am going to run with it. I will probably go with one unit of Sanguinary Guard and one of Vanguard Vets. I'll use the Vets with storm shields as an anvil to tie up other Deathstars, and the Sang Guard as the hammer to smash the other guys face. That's the theory at least. I'll have to put them to the test.

So how are all of you dealing with Deathstars? What do you do when Vulkan exits his ride with some TH/SS termies in his posse? How do you survive that Wolflord on his oversized chihuahua smacking you around with 15 attacks with a thunderhammer that strikes at initiative? (jk about that one, but it feels that way sometimes) And how are you going to deal with the Archon + Incubi wiping your whole army? (nearly true story)

Help out your fellow Blood Angels and let us know what works for you!

-Michael, Capt of the 8th


Oz said...

Plasmaguns on the HG I reckon are a good idea.

Xaereth said...

Nice article :) FNP Incubi are going to be a tough nut to crack for Blood Angels. Mostly, melta guns and other S6+ AP1 or 2 are going to be money against them, as will destroying their transport turn 1 or 2 :-p

I don't think there's a unit out there that 4 FNP/FC assault marines can't take on, honestly. The TWC deathstar you talk about is the one I personally run (or, used to run, lol), and I greatly fear that sort of counter-charge going against me. 120 S5 I5 attacks? yikes! I think it's all about unit placement in regards to a death star, and forcing your opponent to expose their 'unit of death' before you do.

Not trying to be negative, but I'm not sure how Sanguinary Guard would help against Deathstars specifically, since Deathstars typically have power weapons, and the SG's 2+ save doesn't help against that. 15 attacks on the charge also doesn't really do a whole lot to a deathstar with invulnerable saves and such either...


Also beware expensive Vanguard... adding SS might work well, but dear God they can start getting expensive quickly :)

zac said...

what are the Techmarines for? are they in there simply for extra power weapons and the combi melta? Personally I think there are a lot better uses for 150 points.

Off the top of my head

Chaplain w/ jump pack infernus pistol, find 5 points and make it a reclusiarch with jump pack

2 more priests to ensure you will ALWAYS have Fnp/FC

Another Libby w/ jump pack and two power of your choice

Maybe you have some other reason for using the techmarines but it doesn't jump out to me

Dalinair said...

At a guess, the tech marines are purely there to firstly fortify where the devastators are and the fly around multi melta'ing things, personally never been a fan myself though can see thier worth in a list with devs, was going to do something similar myself but just TRY and get that many missile launchers, its a nightmare.

Michael said...

@zac The techmarine idea came from YTTH. They fulfill a few roles. One, they are sacrificial melta that comes on pretty reliably with a small footprint. Only one model is fairly easy to drop in and not mishap. It's only one shot, but they can get the job done.

Second, they are nearly immune to small arms with a 2+ save, so the enemy is forced to deal with them with heavier stuff. If they don't, then that is another power weapon adding to the charges from my other squads.

Third, they offer my devs 3+ cover saves from the "bolster defences" rule, or whatever it is called. It makes a big difference in their survivability, especially with a priest to babysit them. The psychological effect is a strong one too. A 3++ save really is discouraging when you are trying to root them out.

@ Xaereth The VV with SS would be the anvil to tie up a death star. Granted its not perfect, but they jump in and can assault right away, ensuring that I tie their hammer up. The SG are to hit their soft spots, and carve holes in their army. 15 master crafted PW with S/I 5 is nasty. I'm going to test it out, see how they do.

@Oz I'll have to check that list out. Plasma makes sense with FNP in the squad. And it'll clear models out faster than most other weapons vs MEQs.

Jacob D Stejskal said...

What about using the bolster defence to bolster some cover for the assault marines.

To make 3++ save path for the marines, if it can be done.

Michael said...

The rule unfortunately requires the ruins to be in your deployment zone.

Good thought in theory, but in practice the marines using Descent of Angels come down right on top of their army anyways. Cover would be nice for the return fire you get, but I hate making dangerous terrain tests. I always fail more of them then I feel like I should.


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