Blood Angel Army Showcase


Greetings all! The Capt of the 8th is back after a bit of a break.

Now something I have always wanted to do is get some pictures of all my army together. Not that I have a huge army, or that it is a Golden Daemon winner, but more because I wanted to take a look back at all the work I have put into my little hobby of plastic toy soldiers.

It is funny to me to see the evolution of my painting style; from how I changed the style in which I paint models to get more done in less time, and how my paint scheme has changed over the last year or two. The army has always seemed a bit haphazard to me in its painting, but when I got it all on the table I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

As an intro, if you can't stand unbased models, then just look away. I have only based the models that have been in painting competitions. Kinda sad, especially since nearly all of my LotR models have nice bases with grass and everything. I need to take a night or five and just get them all done. Also, some, if not all, of the models are WIPs. I have painting ADD, and just seem to jump around from squad to model to tank painting stuff.

Let's start off with a nice army banner my 6 year old drew up for me. She loves to paint models with me, and it gives me an excuse to get some painting in if she is with me.

(in the grim dark future there is no spelling, just bubble letters . . .)

Here is most of the army. I have some random models here and there not painted, also I have 3/4 of a tac squad that lost their bases to extreme heat in my car. Arizona summers ftw!

Here is my AoBR Tactical squad. Bleached bone accents that I haven't been able to successfully work into the rest of the army . . .

My 3 razorbacks with completed Las/plas turrets.

My two Landraiders, both have magnetised sponsons so I can change from Redeemers to Crusaders in a flash.

My fast attack options, with some shooty termies on the side. You can see my lame cyclone missile launcher conversions there too.

Death Company Rhino I did some free hand on. It's no jawaballs production, but it turned out better than I had hoped. Doing that large of scale scared me to start, but I just went for it.

Here is my favorite bit, my Librarius. I love librarians. I love the fluff, I love the rules, and I love the imagery and iconography. They are a blast to paint and convert out of ordinary models. My Mephiston is probably the model I am most proud of, slightly edging out my Chaplain Dreadnought from Forgeworld that I use as a Furioso. I also am currently in love with my 2 new JP Libby's I converted. I put loads of work into them and I will get some close ups and post them soon ideally.

So there it all is, hope you all enjoyed the show.

I'm going to try and get a game in this week for some practice. I need it. Wife surprised me with a trip to the DC area come August, and more importantly, a spot in the Nova Open. I am so stoked. It will be my first big tourney, and I need to represent for the Sons of Sanguinius. More on this to come.

Michael, Capt of the 8th.


SAJ said...

Good looking army. I enjoy seeing the change in style you the army a little more flavor I think (still a cohesive force, but easy to imagine each unit having it's own honors/strengths)
Thanks for posting!

Sgt. Brisbane said...

That Jump Librarian is fantastic, man. Very well done!

Overall the army is well done and very good looking. Your reds are a little too pink for me, but that's down to personal preference so kudos!

That Land Raider is gross (as in awesome), too, man. Very, very nice.

Michael said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. Always nice to have another appreciate your work right?

Those Jump Libbys took me so much time to get things just right. And even so, I look at them up close and I see the flaws. Oh well, you live and learn. I want to get another Land Raider too, just make it an even three. The last one will have a racing stripe done on it, I already have it all planned out.

As a side note, be sure to click each picture to get the whole thing. The up-loader cut them in half roughly. Thanks Blogger!

The Independent Characters said...

The army is fantastic looking! But the best part of it is the Army Banner. Well done Blud Angels! (I love it!)

Rob said...

I was going to bother you about the bases but then I noticed the intro :D
Nice looking force though, especially the librarians

ServvsUmbrarum said...

So, any chance you'd give us some insight how you modded those librarians. I'm a new WAR 40k Player and would love to have a Librarian that looks like that. Best I can tell it looks like the BA Librarian model but he's leaning forward.

Michael said...

As far as the Librarians go, I have one stock model (with the axe raised in the back), Mephiston of course, and 3 converted models.

The one with the banner on his back and the book in his hand started as the Assault on Black Reach captain.

The two Jump Pack libbys are kit-bashed from the Death Company and Sanguinary Guard boxes. The bodies come from death company models. I chose bits with skulls on them so I could add greenstuff horns for the libraius sigil. I also greenstuffed the psychic hoods. The cabling is guitar string that I bought from a guitar shop. Their force weapons come from the Sanguinary guard box. The axes and swords from that box are just phenomenal. The longer staff comes from the winged chalices off the top of the Chapter banner from the Sang Guard. I added in some chainsword motors and whatnot to make it look like a power/force weapon.

If you would like I can give you some more details. I could even do a tutorial if the interest is high enough. Shoot me an email at captofthe8th at gmail dot com. I'll gladly answer any more questions.

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