New Blood Angels Models!

I know, I am a couple hours late on the clock.  I saw the new stuff posted at 7am EST, but could not actually access the pictures until some one from Bolter and Chainsword posted them on the forum for me.  So here you go!

First thoughts? Well, I was one of the few people in the world who loved models in the leaked pic of the Storm Raven. I thought it shouted Space Marine. Short, Squat, Bulky and Blunt.  Just like the dreads it carries.  I think that the pictures that have surfaced only reinforces my opinion, and I think that many many will come around. The model looks great! Some guys eloquently exclaimed that "ANY ONE COULD HAVE MAD THAT MODEL" or that "It looks like a half hearted kit bash."  (mish mashed quotes guys, you get the drift).  Well I repeat that the model is every thing I was hoping for.  I will be getting three for my BA army and three for my GK army.  

The dreads? Even more awesome. Dreads have always been on the top of my list of models I love. I wrecked face a while back using a three death company dread list and loved it.  The game is trending back towards a version that is more dread friendly again... I noticed a LOT less melta on the table at The Conflict GT.  So, I have written up a 5 dread, 2k point list that I will be sharing with you soon.  But to the point, I think the models are cool. The Grenade Launcher is menacing, and the Lilbby bits are imposing.  I can't wait to play them both!  So have at it guys.  Let me know what you think.  I have been griping a lot about GW lately, but they definitely got these right.  Good job boys, keep it up! 



The Inner Geek said...

I think the new models are cool too. I'm not into my Space Marines right now anyway, but that just means I can save some cash... to spend on other armies... doh!

Sean said...

Yeah Chris the Dreads in this release really are straining my ability to resist the blood angels codex. And I agree that the Storm Raven is very much what I was hoping for, its squat stunted nature lends itself much better for actual gameplay than the absurdly huge valkaryes.

I've also been working on a Dreadnought list for BA as you asked me to after our game at Conflict. Right now I think Ive gotten to a core for 1750 to start with, and it'll probably take playtesting to see where it needs to be tweaked, but at the moment it mirrors many of the themes of my list in being take all comers, while having a bit more scoring then my 10 models as you mentioned too low of a scoring count makes you jumpy.

But if youre looking for something specifically for 2000pts, I may take sections of it back to the drawing board entirely. Let me know where I should email it to you.

Jawaballs said...

jawaballs at hotmail sean! We should get together and play test. These new models pretty much make the BA dread list a mandatory thing to at least try. Whats the worst that happens... I sell some beautiful dreads! As for our game, I definitely want a rematch. I totally misplayed. Now I know! Muahaha.

SAJ said...

I'm geeking out over the Libby dread myself...that model alone is enough to make me want a BA army (not to mention the awesome sauce drizzled on all the other models of the BA line)

Tim said...

I am very excited for the Dreadnaughts and the Storm Raven, but I am quite disappointed by the "battleforce" that is being released for the blood angels. You are getting a 5 man assault squad, 5 man death company, a tactical squad and a Rhino. If you look at cost for all the models and the cost of the battle force you are only saving $30. When you look at the Space Marine battleforce you are getting more models for less money. Ugh it pissed me off that GW puts out an awesome product like the Storm Raven and the Dreadnaught kit but does something sleezy like giving a "deal" on a battleforce.

Angelic_Despot said...

I've also always liked the look of the storm raven for the reasons you mention.

Now that I see these new pictures, I keep the same opinion except for the hurricane bolters which seem to have virtually no field of fire.

But as I haven't got as far as thinking about whether I'd even want to take them, I'm not worrying about it yet.

Michael Hogan said...

I'm actually surprised on how well the Librarian Dread came out. While they are all awesome, and I believe the Death Company is the best as of yet, the Librarian really has that... psyker in a tomb feel. They pulled off the Force Weapon a lot better than I thought. I would try to get an arm or two for my GK Dreads but they will be damn expensive until summer comes around on bit sites. Very well made models on GWs part, and the Storm Raven is looking a lot better than I first imagined it (though I was willing to give it a second chance with a new picture).

Bit random, but that captain standing in the front left is a very nice conversion. Seems a mix between Sicarius, Sanguinary Guard and... a nice sword. Can't tell where it is from.

MadMaverick76 said...

Just when I finished making my three Furiosos for my 1500 JP DoA! Argh! Anyway, these models look great, I am much impressed and will be definitely picking up a dread or two.

Ivarr said...

Glad to see a few people givin' the Storm Raven some love. I think it is great. As for the hurricane bolters...I will be leaving them off in favor of doors.

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