Space Hulk Terminator Commission WIP!

Ok folks, as promised, here are a few pics of some Space Hulk Terminators for one of the few commissions I will be doing.  I have in my possession three sets of Space Hulk, and when they are gone, they are gone. This is the first of the three sets.  Of course these are WIP. I need to do the scrolling, drill out the barrel holes, and many other details, but for the most part, these boys are good to go! If you want to be one of the lucky two who gets one of the other sets, email me at my hotmail address!  Jawaballs at hotmail.

Oh, and here is some video of today. We got hit with a huge snowstorm.  I had to dig out about a ton of snow!  Enjoy.



The Solstice Gnome said...

You are so gay. Enjoy a bowl of Frosted Shit Flakes on the Gnome.

The Epistolary said...

Ah the snow, good times...took me 4 hours to dig myself out today. Ah well, that CT winters for ya.

Michael said...

Sorry about the snow, I'm stuck with straight sunshine and high 60's low 70's in AZ.

Life is rough out here.

The Terminators look good too :)

commanderduskstorm said...

That looks like a mild winter where I come from. I live in northern Canada, pile the snow three times higher and drop the temperature to -50 C and you'll get my winter wonderland lol.

Love the SH mini's by the way. What base colour (red) do you use?

Jawaballs said...

Army painter black spray prime, with army painter Dragon Red, then highlighted up with Blood Red, Blazing Orange and a 50/50 vomitbrown/blazing orange.

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