List Help: Jump Packs again!

Jump Pack Generals need plenty of these.

Hey guys!  I get a lot of questions about Jump Pack armies. Email in:

Hi jawaballs, im a fan of you and your blog since i wanted to start to play warhamer 40k, im a fantasy player and i want to play 40k with blood angels. I have a coming tourney the 1st of February and i wanted to start playing a jump pack list, but i have read a lot about jump packs list and i would like your advice. I have to tell you that im from spain and my english is terrible :P, so dont get scared of me hehe:

Librarian - Jump pack & Shield and blood lance

Honor Guard - 4xMeltaguns & Jump packs

Sanguinary Priests x 3 Jump packs

Ass squad 10man - 2 Meltagun & power fist

Ass squad 10man - 2 Meltagun & power fist

Ass squad 10man - 2 Meltagun & power fist

Vanguard Veteran 5man - 4xpowerweapon & powerfist & Meltabombs & Jump packs

Do you think this list is good for a tourney? or would you make any change to make it more competitive.

I would like a lot your advice if you could, i will be so thanked :P.


So what would I do? First of all, drop the Blood Lance. It is a nice idea, but fails in my opinion.  Give the libby something more useful.   If you are concerned about tank popping, go with Sanguine Sword.  4 Str 10 shots in the assault is better than one lance shot.  I found that preferred enemy is huge too.  

3 priests? Drop one.  You don't need that many. The strength of your army is going to be in using your units together. Put a priest in one RAS and leave another without one. Move them up together.  So long as a single model in the squad sans priest is near the priest, the whole unit gets it.  

You also have a priest in your HG.  Drop two of the meltas and give them at least one power weapon.  With small squads you need the power weapon to kill on initiative 5 and reduce the number of hits you are going to take back. Actually, Make your HG this:

HG x4
Priest x1
Jump Packs
Melta x1
PW x1

Reduce the vets PW allocation to just 2.  Increase the fists to 2. Drop the melta bombs.  Increase the size of the squad to 10.  Combat squad them. Now you have two 5 man squads assaulting on Deep Strike with a PW and PF.  Drop them supported by 10 man RAS with priests.  Make sure the priest is close enough to give the VV squad the grail in assault.  Both squads land.  RAS pops transport. VV assaults.  Priest keeps em alive.

Your 10 man squads are fine otherwise.  You have the option to combat squad if needed. Take advantage of it. Splitting up the melta guns from each 10 man squad is smart. Drop both squads next to each other, but this gives you the option of different targets with your squads.

You are going to either win big or lose big. There will be little middle ground. Welcome to Jump Packs!

Keep the emails coming guys!



oni said...

MMmm... Hobgoblin! I have the same glass, I love that stuff. In fact I don't think there are any of the Wychwood brews I don't like.

miZosiris said...

Thank you a lot jawaballs, you are a good man!

miZosiris said...

I have a problem, i cant add another vv squad, the army has to be oriented to 1500 points jawaballs. Or do i have to remove an assault squad?

miZosiris said...

sorry its ok but 1502 points, i need to remove something haha

Matthew said...

I wouldn't suggest two fists in small 5-man squads. You want as many guys attacking on the first round as possible (specially since you will be going first a lot with FC). With small squads, you may take enough attacks back so that initiative one power fist doesn't even get to swing before it dies.

miZosiris said...

Librarian - Jump pack & Shield and STR10

Honor Guard - 1xMeltagun & 1pw & Jump packs

Sanguinary Priest x 1 with Jump packs
Sanguinary Priest x 1 on foot

Ass squad 9 man - 2 Meltagun & power weapon
- Rhino ( Transport )
Ass squad 10man - 2 Meltagun & infernus pistol

Ass squad 10man - 2 Meltagun & power fist

Vanguard Veteran 5man - 1pw & 1 powerfist
Vanguard Veteran 5man - 1pw & 1 powerfist

This is 1492.

Jawaballs said...

Try this:

Lib: shield/sword


RAS ten men x3: Melta x2, PF

Van Vet ten men x1: PF x2, PW x2

Priest x1: JP, PW

1490 Give one guy a hand flamer or melta bombs to libby and priest.

Jawaballs said...

Forgot that the HG has a melta, spend that extra 10 points adding another. 1500 points.

You now have 2 priests, 3 full assault squads, and with combat squading 3 effective vet squads. Two Van vets can Deep Strike and assault vehicles with the fist. Use the HG with the vets. Keep the priest with the libby and the RAS.

miZosiris said...

the 3 assault squads in rhinos?

miZosiris said...

ok forget it, i mindunderstood the concept ras :P

Anonymous said...

The list Jawa recommended is the exact list I have been fielding for almost three months now, current record is 6/1/1. I can only add that if you end up with extra points at all, an infernus pistol can be very useful when it comes down to it, but other than that the list is great. Although I wouldn't combat squad units with PF personally, a smaller squad would benefit a lot more from a PW than a PF.

Jawaballs said...

Normally I would not combat squad squads with a fist. But in the case of the vets, putting a fist in each combat squad pretty much means two dead tanks. They are deep striking and assaulting tanks that probably have not moved. 3 str 8 or 9 instant hits. Precious!

Jawaballs said...

And every one make sure you check my glossary of terms!

miZosiris said...

yes sorry, thats because i try to translate everything because my english is bad :P. Thank you so much for your help, i will try that list the tourny and i will come back to tell you how it went mate ;)

allaho_5 said...

Doesn't look bad. My only gripe is your advice to drop the blood lance. Thing is, the strongest defence against deep striking armies is to castle up. The blood lance helps with this, as if they castle up, you will hit multiple tanks. this scares people from castling up, and thah gives us an advantage ;)

GDMNW said...

Solid advice Jawa. Jump packs are the greatest! Well sort of, at least when they're not butchered piecemeal...

Jeffery said...

Jawaballs do you have any overall tactical suggestions for a Jump Pack heavy army? I've heard a lot of negative things about the setup but would love to better utilize my BA Faction Abilities.

Ryan said...

Thats a very similar list to what I've been looking at for a couple of weeks but didn't even think of the honor guard which will give me another unit with some good punch. I'm going to put this list to the test and see how it works.

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