Jawa Grey part Two Pic heavy

Here we go!  Fortress grey.  Repeat the same process as before, but only a bit less with Fortress Grey. Notice how I keep the point of the brush pointing at the edge of the armor, I found that it helps the paint collect in the proper spot. You want it thicker at the edge.

Here is that shoulder after I apply the paint.

And again.

Repeat the process to taste.  

Then again, drag the paint towards the center, pressing the brush on the armor
so that it feathers out like this.  Use a circular motion to help spread the paint, and don't try to go to fast
More thin layers are better than less thick layers.

The grey smooths out.

Fortress Grey done!

Now its time for Astronomicon Grey. This is just a tad lighter than Fortress grey.  

On this one I start to focus on edging too. Using the side of the tip of the brush, I drag it up some of the hard edges. I did Fortress and Codex here too, but it is now that the edges start to look crisp and tight.

Yes, I paint straight from the pot.  Naughty...

Less is more! Use the tiniest bit of paint on your brush that you can get. Basic painting 101!

In between the greys I touch some spots with my asurman blue mix to taste. I want to reinforce the dark blues and their relationship to the greys, and the blending in between.  

And just in case you thought I had forgotten about my Eldar army...

Here is the Forgeworld Wraithseer. I am using him as a normal Wraithlord.  The only real differences are the weapons, a special runic chest piece, hands, feet and fins.  The head has some special runes as well.  The base is simply a Black Reach dread cut up to look destroyed and partially buried. There is also some rock there and sand.  I cut the right leg at the knee to bend it so he is stepping up on the dread victoriously, and need to fill the whole with puddy.

The lance he came with was warped and would not straighten, so I cut the blade off and will replace it with a copper rod.

Ok so much to do!



Tim said...

Jawa, mold lines and gaps are a big no-no. You must purge them like the filthy scum that they are.

Great pics though.

Jawaballs said...

Oh I know, the Dreadknight will never see a table. And the Eldar is not at that point yet. He needs to be cleaned and polished!

Will Goins said...

very good job on the dreadknight, stunning and unique.

Donz0 said...

ever consider an airbrush? does happen to make life easier...

Jawaballs said...

Sure, and having tried airbrushing they do require an amount of skill to use right, but they carry a certain amount of stigma when it comes to paint judging I think. I do have a nice one, just need to learn how to use it!

Will Goins said...

You have any painting charity plans for this years games day?

KaiserSozzie said...

Like the blending on the dreadknight. See you got the bit for your eldar army. Awsome work!

3dken said...

Poor Dread! You NEED to paint the dread piece a beautiful shade of Minotaurs bronze......

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