Jawaballs needs models!

Ok folks it is trading time.

I am looking for some loot.

Old style "Bulky" IG storm troopers.
Hell Gun x5
Meltagun x3 Does one exist with a mask?
Sgt that can be converted into a standard bearer.

The thing is, I only want guys with masks, and I only want unpainted.

What else?

Unpainted IG Chimera on sprue is fine, hell, even WELL assembled is ok.

Coteaz, unpainted.

You know what kills me is that I owned all these models at some point but sold them off in one of my purges. Damn me.

What do I have? Cash of course, but also trade.

NISB Necron Ghost Ark
NISB Land Raider Crusader
NISB Sang Guard x4
NISB Flesh Hounds of Khorne box set
NISB Zombie Regiment
About 100 assembled zombies, not painted.
Open but untouched Lizardman Stegadon

Jawa Bases and Painting Tutorials

I could just buy every thing but the Stormtroopers but I figured I would try to turn some of this stuff rotting on my shelf into something useful.  Plus I need to get a grip on my spending. Lets keep this to just guys in the states. I don't feel like filling out customs forms.  I really only care about the troops for now, so if you have em but don't want my stuff throw a price at me!



Tim said...

Jawa, I have those IG storm troopers. Email me.

Swags said...

Im interested in the Zombies, and have a Chim for trade. Will send an email soon.

Jawaballs said...

oK swags, GW site has them both at 35 bucks. Even trade? Email me your address and I will get it sent out!

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