Whats next?

Ok guys, I have a long post about my last two GT experiences coming up soon. But in the meantime I wanted to give you something short and sweet!

I finished the first banner for Dropzone Games and am now working on their 2nd of 3 commissions. Ravenguard!

The guys at Dropzone Games sent me a sample image they wanted their banner based on.

I drew the image in pencil on the black banner and am now laying color. First is dark brown for the scroll and skull.

Then I used a series of greys to do the "Raven". At the top I laid in some masking
tape to help make straight lines for the Ravenguard Checker pattern.

Using yellow oxide I painted in the Halo. I am taking some liberties with the design.

The scroll was not in the design they sent me,  but I feel that it is not a 40k banner 
without the big bold letters!  Also I enlarged the halo. In the original image there is a 
white/silver background behind the raven with a series of cross designs. I am not a fan. I filled the space with 
the halo instead and will do a more subdued square outline in the background to tie in all the elements. Jawa knows best!

What else?  

Templecon!  I am doing a big writeup of the fantastic event, but I just wanted to share a little stuff with you for now.

I entered this Grey Knight I painted for the Templecon 40k Charity into
the Crystal Brush competition sponsored by Cool Mini or Not. 

Oh and that is a Jawa Forge resin base. :)

The grey knight went for 110.00 in the auction.

The accolades went to Jawaballs!  I won 1st place in the Sci-Fi category.

I also entered my Sanguinor that won Best Single Mini at Nova, but he failed to place. He was at least top three in Sci-Fi.  

Not sure what happened there as he is a better painted model by far. Perhaps the CMoN guys can shed some light!  It was too busy to ply them for feedback at the event.  Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was using him in the tournament and did not enter him in the judging until the evening of Saturday, and took him out for a bit to display him with my army for Players Choice voting.  I think he just got missed... :(  

And yes, the elusive Players Choice.  I won my first by a VERY slim margin, 1 vote!  Hans from Team Bastard with his Dark Eldar was 2nd, and would have probably won had he finished his army and done a nice display.  I thank every one that voted for my army. It is much appreciated. :)

Not a bad send off for my current Blood Angels army. I painted it last summer with the intention of competing for painting honors through Templecon. It is NOT a GT competitive list.  But it is pretty!  It is now retired from GT service as I begin work on my next two armies.

Here are it's final results:

Nova Open: 1 of 5 finalists of over 250 entries for Best Army.  Winner of Best Single Mini, The Sanguinor

Battle For Salvation: Winner Best Painted Army, Finalist for Best Conversion: Mephiston and Best Painted single mini, The Sanguinor

Mechanicon: I had to leave early, but my friend Ted Nagle won Best Painted in my absence. I will let him make the call if I would have won. :)

The Conflict GT: Winner Best Painted Army

Templecon: Winner Player's Choice. (There was no Best Painted judging.) 

I'm proud to say the least, and thankful to all who voted/judged in my favor.

This only drives me to push even harder for the future.

And just because this army is retired from GT play, it does not mean you won't see it again. I may play it in various RTTs in the area, and I intend on entering it into Armies on Parade at Gamesday! That would involve a new display board, and a trip down to New York City to the GW store to enter it into the judging.

So on with the new!

The sad news that  the rumored Eldar codex release was just rumor really hurt. I was excited about my Eldar army, but cannot allow myself to invest so much time in a noncompetitive list again.  I need to give myself a chance to win the GTs I enter.  I am still going forward with my Eldar, but in the meantime, I have decided to actually finish the GK army I have sitting in boxes on the shelf.  I have over 60 knights, 20 terminators, 3 Dread Knights, 5 razorbacks, some Forgeworld stuff and other goodies just sitting around my mancave.

Painting that standard bearer really got my juices flowing for GKs, and now I am just looking for a primer that I can use to quickly do them.  Painting Adeptus Battle Grey by hand on each model was going to wear me thin.  I had to find a suitable spray in order to make the army a realistic idea.

As for my list, it is time for Jawa to put his own flavor of uber knights on the table and thump some skulls. No they won't be Blood Angels with jury rigged halbreds, or Space Wolves with counts as storm bolters.  They will be painted to my ever exceedingly high expectations, and yes, they will be cheezy.

The Walking Dead starts again this weekend!



Kevinmcd28 said...

GOod show too bad I couldn't get to my other back yard for the event. What about the army painter grey (i think its called imperial grey?) I know there space wolf grey is cool in my books but has a tint to it that may not be what you are looking for

Jawaballs said...

A few guys have made suggestions. I grabbed a can of Army painter Uniform Grey at Templecon from Thewarstore. I am testing it now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jawa, this is Dean (wheelchair guy) from Ocean State Dice Devils. So glad you had a good time this year and can't wait to hang out with you again. Congrats on player's choice army win was well deserved.

KaiserSozzie said...
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KaiserSozzie said...

Awsome Job at Templecon. This is Jerry with the ill fated Dark Eldar Army... Let me know if you got the bit I sent you for your Eldar Army. Where did you get the Andrea Black Paint Set from?

Jawaballs said...

Jerry, I will be looking for the bit. I got the paint from Michigan Toy Factory or some such. I just googled Andrea Black Paint Set and found it that way.

And thanks Dean, I'm more about hanging out with good people and kicking back some suds than playing 40k. It was good company. My only regret is missing that Scotch tasting with Ragnar! Oh if I only knew it was going on. :)

Michael Hogan said...

So does that mean you are painting an entire NMM GK army?
Good luck with that! Don't drive yourself too crazy.

Psybilliah said...

You should just mix the Adeptus Battle Grey with some windex and airbrush the models to base coat them, then you can paint away!

No Colonial this year?

Jawaballs said...

I was gona hit Colonial to give it another chance since, but they have a limited number and by the time I decided to go it was full. And yes, I think I am going to do the entire army NMM Grey. I prefer to just call it Cold Steel Grey since it is not really NMM. NMM gives it such a stigma. My grey is more of just a different style. But yes... they will look like the one in this pic. :)

Michael Hogan said...

Yeah, I get what you are going for. More... Grey than metal at all.
Still, very cool.
Oh, and congratz on the numerous awards. That is spectacular!

Ted Nagel said...

Great stuff Chris!
Oh, and at the Mechanicon, I would much rather have had you stay for the festivities and me taken 2nd to your Blood Angels than have had you rush out the way you did.

There is always next year my friend, and I want a rematch.

A shame your not making the Colonial this year, it's my next big event. I'm sure if you give Chris a call he could put you on a stand-by list or something, if you decided to go.

I think they reworked the 40k stuff, and should be a better event this year over all.

cscotti said...

Well done on the player's choice award! Was nice to see that army up close after seeing it here! It inspired me to step up my painting game a bit. Was amused to see that your prediction that the best painted score and player's choice didn't match up ended up being true!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks guys! I think the big thing with player's choice at Templecon was that the TO made it a point to distinguish between "Favorite Army" and "Favorite Player." He gave out awards for both, which left people to pick their "Player's Choice" without bias over who was playing the army.

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