Quick banner update

Here is the Raven Guard chapter banner I am doing for Dropzone Games!  It is mostly done. I have to further define the squares on the checker grids, and carry the scroll ends down in front of them. Then I need to push some of the details further and do the lettering.  I will probably add a little inner frame to tie all the elements together and a few tidbits on the bottom tabs.  Then we have the Word Bearers!

After I am done with the Dropzone Games banners, they will have three more coming, but before those I have to do a Space Wolves and a couple of custom ones.  One custom Night Lords banner, and another one for a more home grown marine chapter based on the Crimson Fist banner.  If you would like one for your club or man cave get hold of me, the queue is starting to grow!



Will Goins said...

Good to have my regular dose of jawa-awsomness back, awsome work chris

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