Gamesday Rocks!

And I'm off!  Chicago here I come.

The question is... why?

Isn't Gamesday just a day full of nonsense where GW crams all of their full priced stuff down your throat? (sure)

You know what?
(i don't care)

Gamesday is definitely about GW pushing their product. But it is more than that.

It is about positive engery.

It is about walking the space with dudes who love their hobby.

It is about all of those huge eyes on 9 year old kids sharing something fun with their dad.

It is about nerdgasm.

It is about seeing dudes like Dave Taylor and Brian Niro I have not seen in a year and having a beer.

It is about fun.

Speed Painting.

Build and Take.

Club Tables.

Banner Contest.

Sneak Peaks.

Golden Demon.

Limited Edition Models

Playing a game with a complete stranger on the open tables for nothing more than the fun of it.

Good stuff.

I have never gone to Gamesday and left thinking "Man I had a sucky time."  I cannot say the same for GTs.  It is a chance to go and enjoy myself with four thousand other dudes, and three chicks dressed up like dark elf sluts. It is a chance to have fun.

Perhaps one of the shining moments of my life happened last year at Gamesday when an 8 year old kid came up to me, and timidly asked for my autograph on his Blood Angels codex, then light up like Time Square when I did then started asking him about his army.  I was proud, he was excited and his mother was thankful. We all won.

That is what Gamesday is all about and I cannot wait until little Jawa is old enough to come with.

So, if you are going to be there, look for the fat guy with the Ultramarines banner. I would love to get in a game or two with some one new. Bring your 2k list and lets throw down!

See you in Chicago!

Lots of pics and video to follow.


(I borrowed lots of pics from the internets. If I used your image, simply ask and I will take it down.  Oh, and I suggest you take it off the internets.)


Gonewild said...

I wish I lived closer. That Gamesday LTD figure is going to be mine- sooo badass.

Brad said...

Hey Jawaballs,

I'll definitely be looking for you at Games Day, I'd love to have a go at your Blood Angels (with mine). Hopefully I can also get some advice, 6th edition has been a big adjustment for me. Hopefully I'll catch you there!

Brad Powers
Evil Dice 40k

Ted Nagel said...

Okay, I admit it, I'm jealous. Wish I could go, but Chicago is soooo far.
Have fun Chris!

Kirby said...

"and I cannot wait until little Jawa is old enough to come with."

You should send him to Australia before hand. That way he can be brought up with a proper 40k education having spent time on a death-world.

I'll sponsor the little hooded one!

Sam Evans said...

Lol nerdgasm

Drathmere said...

See you in Chicago!

knightyc said...

Jawa dont forget my mini lol. Have fun dude maybe once im over there me n the missis will come to a gamesday usa and say hi :)

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