WarTV and Lamenters WIP!

First of all, here is a shot of my WIP Lamenter model!

More on him in a bit.

This coming weekend is going to be a fantastic weekend of gaming over on WarTV!  Smurf will be bringing you live gaming straight from Historicon!  Thats right. He will be showing you the convention sights, and bringing you live footage of Gnomewars. Provided of course that the technology works.  Look for live footage from Jim Friday and Saturday night from 7pm on, plus sporadic updates throughout the day! You never know what you might find being piped in live to WarTV, so check in often!

Also, at the home front, Fritz and myself will be doing a live 6th edition broadcast. Our first, the first ever live broadcast game of 6th edition, was an outstanding success. This time though we have a possible sighting of Brother Captain James to join the fun!  I will be playing a Blood Angels list with some sort of allies and I believe Fritz will be packing some Space Marines of his own.  Check back tomorrow with a complete schedule of the weekend once Smurf confirms the workability of his live efforts at Historicon.

OH, and yes, there will be giveaways!  We are planning a live show every month, but I will try to gather up big giveaways for every other show.  So this week will be a bit smaller than last time, but should still offer up some nice loot!

Stay tuned for more info.

And speaking of Feast of Blades, That is going to be my next major appearance aside from Gamesday. It is time for me to venture out away from the East Coast! I cannot wait to land in Denver and go out for a Mountain Pie. I will be playing in the FoB Open tournament and Doubles, though it is up in the air who my doubles partner will be. Smurf might be making the trip with me!  I am planning on doubles with either Goatboy or Brent.  I owe both of them a tournament.  More on FoB soon.

Oh and I will also probably be hitting up DaBoyz in November.  There has been a shuffling of the East Coast GT dates so as it looks now, the only one I am going to be able to hit this fall is DaBoyz!  More on the tournament scene as I continue to gear up this summer.  I am planning on Adepticon too... :)

So back to my Lamenters!

Why?  I wanted a new challenge.  I have painted red to death, and believe I have successfully developed my skills.  I want to move on!  But also, I want to compete for Best Painted at Feast of Blades.  Lofty goal with the hundreds of dudes who will be there!  Like last year I am setting my sights on a goal and going in with a plan.  My Blood Angels fell just short of Best Army, but still won Best Single Mini at Nova. This year I am hoping for equal success.

The idea is a Lamenters bike/jump pack army.  Only, since Lamenters are known for their bad luck, I want to have mishaps strife throughout the force.  Marine bikers face planting over their handle bars, jump packs falling off in mid air, guys disembarking from a drop pod into a flaming pit of lava... you know... bad luck!  At the very least it will be a lot of fun to build and play.  I have always wanted to run a Biker force.

So I am painting up a test model for my Lamenters paint scheme. Here he is!

He is totally a work in progress. Assault marine sergeant. The lamenters shoulder pad is amazingly hard to paint. So the paint on mine is pretty thick and chalky. I had to repaint it a few times. But I think I figured it out!  As I paint them they should be better.

I did the yellows with new GW paints.  Here is my Lamenters painting recipe:

Prime with Chaos Black Spray
Base with Averland Sunset
Wash with Cassandra Yellow
Layer with Yriel Yellow mixed with a bit of Glaze Medium
Layer with Flash Gitz Mized with a bit of glaze medium (Valejo)
Reapply wash into certain necessary spots
Highlight with White.

It takes a long time. I freehanded the checkers on the shoulder and the heart. I am doing the gun and wing on fist in Jawa Grey NMM.  The rest of the details are my standard tried and true techniques.

So what ya think? I am fairly satisfied with the yellow for my first go.  I know after I have done 30 or so bikers and 20 assault marines I will want to sufficiently slit my wrists. I love a challenge!



Stephen Donn said...

Dude that is so awesome! My painting technique is not nearly as good as yours, but I must try this !

Reid said...

I love that yellow!

Dalinair said...

Beautiful, very nice work that's a fantastic paint job.

GDMNW said...

I think you're well on your way with that scheme. If you can reproduce this across an army you're on to a good thing!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks guys, it's only a matter of how crazy I am GDMNW. :)

MiCho said...

Hey Jawa, great looking marine. Love how the yellow came out and DAMN that freehand heart looks sexy. Blending looks superb on it bro. Gonna be an amazing looking army!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Cho! Oh and that last pic was with flash, so you can see how it stands up under the light!

xNickBaranx said...

This model is gorgeous.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Nick, and hey I had to turn on comment moderation, thats why your comment did not post right away. :)

Sam Evans said...

Nice Job Jawa thats one sexy marine ;) but this doesn't mean you'll abandon your pod list does it?

staticsword said...

That Lamenter looks awesome Jawa! It looks like a lot of work though! I just started my Imperial fists and found an amazing way to do yellow that looks awesome. I could not believe how easy it is and takes way less time than any other color I have painted. I'll post the link below on the tutorial for it, as it may save you some time if you plan on doing a whole force this way. Also here is a link to my minis so you can see how they turned out from an ameteur (I can imagine how awesome yours would look). Again thanks for what you have done for the community and your the reason I got back into 40k this year!!



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