WarTV broadcasting on Thursday this week!

Hi Folks!

So WarTV will be broadcasting again this Thursday as Smurf and myself paint up some Tau Allies!  Here is your chance to catch us painting up some Tau as we do a step by step breakdown of painting Tau Fire Warriors, Pathfinders and Broadsides.

Why Tau? Simply put, I have always loved the models and now allies gives me the chance to play them.  Since they are battle brothers, Jim is going to add a group to his Ultramarine army, and I am painting up mine just to have them.

What do you need?  Well get your Tau!  If you wish to paint along, I have mine assembled, and sprayed with Army Painter Rat Fur, then given a liberal wash of Devlan Mud. (Or the new version.) You have a couple days to get your models ready to go, or just pop in to chat! Look for us around 10 AM EST.  I know, weird time, but we are both teachers so sorry! We will be recording the fun if you miss it.

More to come.



Rath of Un said...

Sounds good I'll have to check it out, well at least see the recording

Danny said...

I can't wait to hear your comments on how to incorporate the Tau (or even eldar at that) with the BA. Even though the first army I started collecting was BA, I have always wanted to start picking up some Tau. What about a Tau main force allied with a BA DC assualt force? Seems like it might be another idea too.

As a long time fan of the Warhammer universe, first time player, keep up the great work Jawa.

knightyc said...

plz remember to record it just incase lol

Chad said...

What Tau commander are you planning on using in your force? I've been painting my Tau also and am trying to figure out the best way to add them to an army as Allies. As of now I'm thinking of a cheap HQ Crisis Suit since quite a bit of the Tau units are more expensive than I'd like.

Brother Tel said...

Ill be there and, painting my Angels though but listening to the banter!

Brother Tel said...

Ill be there and, painting my Angels though but listening to the banter!

Jhon said...

use an ethereal and give all your units bonding knifes. i find it heaps more usfull than a lone crisis suit.

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