More WIP and WarTV!

Lots of pics this time.  So I mostly finished my test Lamenter.  After reading up on them, it seems the current form of Lamenter is more of a mustard than a yellow.  But I'm cool with my more yellow color.  There are a few minor details to finish, like the silly BAAL scroll on the fist.  It annoys me that they used a relief word on that bit.  WHY!  The scroll is pretty huge. Give guys something to try... four letters are not that hard!  Any way, on with the pics.

I'm pretty excited with how the model came out.  It was a lot of work, but I believe I can streamline it down to do a whole army.  Now on with some Tau!  Here are some pathfinders.  I used the new GW colors on these too. I forget which ones, but will go over that when I do an article on them.

And finally, here is my Gamesday Banner!  I picked up a little projector which helped me lay out the image. Much quicker. However, I still had to go over it for a while and make it look good. It was a bit hard to see. 

So this banner is the Ultramarines Chapter Banner. Why Ultramarines? I liked this one the best when I was looking at the book and trying to select which one I wanted to do.  But it was not a simple matter of reproducing the image. First of all, it was not accurate! This banner is supposed to be a commemoration of the Ultramarines victory over Hive Fleet Behemoth. But the problem is that the genestealer in the image was kinda purple. But HFB nids have blue armor and red skin.  So I had to do some color substitution. 

Then I had the issue of the banner not being straight. My seamstress sewed this one so that it was a bit skinny in some parts and fatter at others. Also, she left a line across the bottom, and it was crooked, which threw off the rest of the image, forcing me to try this several times.

So any way, it is mostly done. The hard painting is over and I just have to do the detailing.

Any way, if you are going to be at Gamesday, look me up!  I will be the fat guy with this banner.  I will have my army, and I will not be preoccupied with an awesome charity project, so I can play on the open tables.  Be sure to tune in and scream yourself horse when it is time for the competition!

Finally, WarTV is going live tonight and Saturday.  First of all, Smurf is going to be shooting whatever footage he can from Historicon. We will try to get some schedule posted up once I hear from him.  But also, on Saturday, don't miss Fritz and myself playing a 6th ed game live!  We will hopefully have a couple of special guests arriving, and we will be giving away a bit of loot.  Today it is my mission to get my Tau allies assembled and base coated at least to be table ready.  Wish me luck!



Tao said...

With the rise in popularity of air brush tech do you think there will come a day where the art of brush from beginning to end will be looked down upon? Are brush artists a dying breed?

40K Giveaway said...

The Lamenter looks great! I just started an I.F. force, so I know what a pain that yellow can be. Looking forward to your work on these guys

Kevinmcd28 said...

always wanted to do lamenters if I had a BA army, very nice is this going to be an entire army or just a small project?

Jawaballs said...

This is going to be my tournament army for the fall. Feast of Blades, DaBoyz, Adepticon and Templecon!

Argeros said...

Hey Jawa what do you think of Death Company now? I was reading the new rage rule and I cant see a reason other then the cost of them to take them now. Especially the Death company Dreadnaught's they ignore 1-3 on the vehicle dmg chart so thats always a bonus in my books. Whats your take on them?

Jawaballs said...

Death Company are now SOOO worth the points. Ten of them in a drop pod can be truly nasty. Throw in an Elite Chaplain to give them rerolls on hits and wounds on the charge for extra fun. DC dreads though perhaps not so valuable. They will at best mow into a squad of infantry, then die, if they survive long enough to charge that infantry at all. You see, your opponent has a LOT of mid str shots that previously he was not using on those dreads because they ignored glances for all intents and purposes. Now that all it takes to kill one of them is 2 glancing hits, regardless of the damage result, and bye bye dread. Your opponent will open up on them with every thing they have. Especially if he has felt the sting of the 5th edition DC Dread.

Sadly, they will never last more than two rounds of enemy gun fire. Period. Not worth the points.

Eyno said...

/me likes how yellow came out on that Lamenter. Worst colour to work with on small models, IMHO.

Concerning dreads -- that's common problem with CC dreads now -- to big of a treat to ignore and relatively easy to kill glancing them to the wreck status.

staticsword said...

That Lamenter looks awesome Jawa! It looks like a lot of work though! I just started my Imperial fists and found an amazing way to do yellow that looks awesome. I could not believe how easy it is and takes way less time than any other color I have painted. I'll post the link below on the tutorial for it, as it may save you some time if you plan on doing a whole force this way. Also here is a link to my minis so you can see how they turned out from an ameteur (I can imagine how awesome yours would look). Again thanks for what you have done for the community and your the reason I got back into 40k this year!!

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