Blood Angels Siege Force - upcoming tournament list

Here is some more from Doc Railgun!

+++ Transmission Begins +++

Greetings, once more.

This will be shorter then usual, as it is only an army list. At the end of this planet's current lunar calender cycle the Blood Angels will be deploying in a 2200 point tournament which will allow allies and fortifications but only one Force Organization chart.

So, I expect to see a number of Fortresses of Redemption on the table - I built this list in the hopes of dealing with this. I doubt we will see so many flyers as the fortifications' anti-aircraft weaponry will likely curb massive numbers of them.

That said, on to the list.

HQ -

Death Company Tycho (he will either ride in the Storm Raven or can walk)

Jump Librarian (he likely will start with an assault squad)

Troops -

10 DC with one power fist + Lemartes (DoA - they will start reserved)

2 x DC Dreadnoughts with heavy flamers, one in a Drop Pod but the other will go in the Storm Raven

2 x 10 Assault Marines with 2 meltas and a power fist each (they will start on the board)

(Unfortunately, this means only 2 scoring units)

Elite -

Jump Sangunary Priest w/ melta bombs (he will likely go with the other assault squad)

Heavy Support-

Storm Raven with multi-melta and hurricane boter sponsons

2 x Multi-melta dreadnoughts in drop pods, one with a heavy flamer.


I don't expect this list to win, I mostly intend for it to tear up fortifications - the multi-melta dreadnoughts should be able to drop in on the first turn and do some damage against the buildings and draw fire as the Assault squads reach the enemy lines, the rest is cleanup (hopefully). It should be fun, anyway.

I admit I am not brave enough yet to swap out something for a fast Vindicator, but that wouldn't be a bad idea for this sort of tournament.
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Porkandbeans said...

why DC tycho for 6th edition? thats a more interesting talking subject

Gonewild said...

DC Tycho? Interesting. Care to share your reasons for taking him (thematic)?

I've been playing 10 man Jump squads with power fists, and let me tell ya...challenges suck. I've moved to Power Weapons and Melta Bombs (I've used swords, and am trying Axes now). The combination is cheaper, and still has similar effect if I get caught punching 2+ armor.

I would also suggest taking bolters on the DC, since DC are relentless, and the Rage USR now gives two attacks on the charge. It allows the unit a little more utility and threat radius.

What psychic abilities are you taking? It seems like the old staples just don't add up in this edition;
Shield seems redundant now that it's easier to obtain a 5+ cover save,
Lance was great against parking lots, but there are less parking lots in this edition,
Unleash Rage is less attractive in light of the changes to Preferred Enemy and assault in general.

I can't wait to see pictures of your army, Jawa! Hopefully a bat-rep or two.

Gonewild said...

Oops I just saw that Doc wrote this article, lol. Looking forward to your response, Doc- GL in the tournie!

Jawaballs said...

Yah this is a backlogged Doc Railgun article. I have one on my new list scheduled for tomorrow!

Moros said...

remember that armorbane doesn't work on buildings

Eyno said...

Tycho is very strong in 6th: A good number of attacks at I5 that ignore armour saves. He is also hard to kill in most cases.

Of course he is not as retarded as Mephiston with Iron Arm, but he is also a lot cheaper.

Him and Brother Corbulo got a good buff in 6th, but it makes me sad that you can't take Corbulo for HQ choice.

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