Feast of Blades Work In Progress!

Hey Folks.

Feast of Blades in incoming!  As you know, I am already confirmed for the trip. I found out today that Jim the Stout Smurf is going as well!  It is going to be an outstanding event to say the least. It also happens to be the next big event I am going to, and in honor of the trip, I am creating a new army.

You have seen my Lamenters tests, well, today I am going to show you a few more starting with this.

I know I should avoid showing pictures of work in such early stages of progress.  But I wanted to talk about these guys.

However, Feast of Blades first.

It is shaping up to be quite the event.  As you probably know, the main event at FoB is going to be the Invitational. What this means is that many states from around the country are holding qualifiers for the main event. At these qualifiers, the top two placers are invited to join the big tournament at Feast of Blades. Standard stuff right?

Not so fast. In addition to the invitational, there is an open GT.  But this is not your usual GT.  Any one is welcome to enter the open and it is a 2k tournament with double force org. But beyond that, FORGEWORLD rules are in place. Can any one say Dreadnought Assault Pods?

Any way, the open looks to be just my kind of tournament. Something like 60 percent of the scoring is soft scores and painting.  Hello Templecon!

So the weekend is shaping up to be awesome.  There is doubles on Friday, and an Armies on Parade competition Friday Night which will be covered LIVE by WarTV.  Also, covered live, will be a Blogger's Round Table. (Tentative title).  Some of the "Internet Celebrities" in attendance will be invited to sit in a panel before a live audience and field questions by a moderator.  More on that as it develops.

Also on WarTV will be live coverage of the top table in the Open.

I will give a thorough review of the Feast of Blades next week.  For now, time for more eyecandy.

Sanguinary Priest on Bike with Fist (Again WIP, I need to clean up the lines)

I like how the shoulder pad came out.

The new paints have improved my white!


Gamesday Model!

So I know, they need a lot of work. But I am fairly pleased so far!  You can see the forgeworld apothecary in the last pic who is going to become my Lamenters Corbulo.

I hope the work pays off!

Ok, so, we have another WarTV live show coming up in a couple weeks.  More soon!

Time to go sit in the Air Conditioner. I hate summer.



Ted Nagel said...

Fantastic stuff Chris, I'm really excited to see this army in action.

Are you going to Mechanicon this year?

I'd love to get a crack at those guys with the Iron Warriors army I'm working on

knightyc said...

looking good dude. I see that you changed the head on the GD model. I feel you there on the summer hate. Only thing we can do here in uk is sit in garden and hope for a breeze.. Dries paints out tho lol

Jawaballs said...

Knight, I personally hate playing models without helmets. And Ted, not this year... :( I am going to Feast of Blades and it is the same weekend... I am going to DaBoyz though!

Tim Toolen said...

You sir, are going to go half-blind from painting all those checks...but they look awesome! Seriously though, I'm really liking the vibrance of color and contrast you're pulling off with the Lamenters.

I'm eagerly awaiting the 6th for registration to FoB, and will be playing in the Open GT myself :) I just need to decide if I want to bring my Grey Knights, or my DIY Centurions that uses the SW codex.

Ted Nagel said...

DaBoyz, that's up in Rochester right?

I haven't made that GT since 06. I had to look at my "Best Painted" Trophy for the date, heheheeh, though with you going and from what I've seen, I would have no chance anyways.

All that aside, I will look into this, I love those guys, and it's been way too long since our last outing. I do believe we are standing 1-1 and are long overdo for a game.

Jaybie said...

Good work Jawa! I'll be playing in my local qualifier tomorrow, but if i don't qualify I may very well be joining you in the Open! Look for the somewhat sloppily painted red Dark Eldar...

Jawaballs said...

Ted definately try to go. We need the tie breaker!

Unknown said...

How you find time to do all this stuff and attend events when you're married and have kids is beyond me. What's your secret?

Jawaballs said...

What little money I make off banner adds goes to the wife... :)

james fenton said...

How are you doing the yellow, is it army painter yellow spray or are you brushing it on in layers.

james fenton said...

How are doing the yellow, is.it army painter yellow spray or are you brushing on multiple layers.

Oz said...

Im not feeling the army man.....love the paint job but dude BA got to be RED and i don't know if lamenters have the thing i love most about painting BA unit helm colours lol (small things amuse small minds).

That said I can totally understand that painting red for you must be very old by now!

Jawaballs said...

Im definitely digging the yellow Oz. As for Blood ANgels, if it were not for the priest on the bike, I would have played them as Codex Marines with a biker captain and bike troops. I wanted more bikes! James, I am brushing the paint on in layers on black base spray. Tedious but worth it!

jerbear said...

GAH! You are going to feast, that means you are NOT going to Mechanicon! BOOOOO

Jawaballs said...

I know... :( But it is just a quirk of fate that they ended up on the same weekend. When Chandler was planning this years Feast, he even asked me a year in advance what worked best for me! I booked Feast, then the Mechanicon boys teamed up with Warstore... :( Makes me sad, I love Mechanicon.

jerbear said...

I think you are actually afraid to face me since I jumped ship and will be bringing Wolves instead of Angels... ;)

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