The Nova Open

One of the best events in the world, The Nova Open is happening this weekend!

Sadly, I will not be able to attend and do shots with Mike Brandt and the crew because I have to work on Friday and Monday.  I am a teacher, and I actually have kids in class on those days, which means I cannot miss them.  (first days of school) This pretty much means I would be arriving late at night on Friday, and leaving as soon as dice down happens on Sunday. In other words, I would be missing every thing that I love about these events. :(
It is just too much driving, through Jersey, for some hectic gaming and one night with the boys.

But by all means, you should go if you can!  As of now, there are still openings in every tournament and event. Plus a fellow Hero of Armageddon, Justin from Secret Weapon, will be doing seminars and the Crystal Brush guy will be running a painting competition!

Believe me folks, if there are three events you must get to in the US, Adepticon, Wargamescon and The Nova are them.  (Feast of Blades is coming on strong... perhaps giving Wargamescon a run for their money...)

My experiences at the Nova have been nothing short of fantastic. The first year I missed Rennaisance Man by .01 points to my friend Danny Internets.  Last year, I got third or fourth after handing my final opponent a win.  Had I known I was in contention, I would have tried!  :)  At the Nova, if you have a nice army, and are decent on the table, you are IN IT TO WIN IT! I wish I knew that. As it was I spent the last two hours chatting with Vinnie Pau about life and gaming and charged my marines into his guns going out with a bang.  But I did win Best Single Mini with my Sanguinor and my army was selected as one of four finalists.  A big honor!  The tournament is among the best run I have been to. Mike hands out responsibility, and his officers get it done.  All TOs can take a page from his book.

More important than playing games and winning awards though, I have to say Nova is about taking another chance to meet up with friends, exchange scotch, and share stories.  Last year we got blasted by a hurricane, but the revelry at the bar on Friday night was unchallenged!  What a great time.

So any way, I wish Mike Brandt and The Nova the best of luck this weekend. He made some big changes and improvements in the format, and scored some nice deals at the hotel, fixing the biggest gripes from last year.  I wish I was there.  Looking forward to Feast of Blades this fall and sad I will miss one of the best events of the year this weekend.. I hope some of the guys from Nova make it out to Denver!



Cody J said...

You have school on Monday? I am a teacher too... Labor Day?

Jawaballs said...

Whoops meant Tuesday.

Michael Hogan said...

Ha, getting Monday, a holiday off. Here at the lovely Rochester Institute of Technology, we begin classes on Monday and every professor whines.

That aside, driving through Jersey is probably more difficult and painful than giving birth.

Anyways, sorry you couldn't make it this year Jawa, but I'm happy to see you supporting such a great event still.

Jawaballs said...

Yah, the ultimate point is that I would have to leave after dice down on Sunday, because leaving Monday morning, and fighting labor day traffic from DC, through NJ to CT would be worse than... well... every thing. It would be the worst. Torture. :)

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