A new gaming company? Lets show em some support!

Hey guys, I originally wrote this up for BOLS but it seems the posting schedule will not let this get up in time for the end of the Kickstart so I am posting it again here. I hope Larry manages to post this up on BOLS too as these are some quality dudes and deserve some support!

We can't have too many games can we?

Well I would like to present to you a new gaming company, Hyacinth Games and their first entry into the realm of table top gaming, Wreck-Age.

My personal favorite image from their site.

My friend Brian Niro, the guy responsible for the custom made tables from last years Heroes of Armageddon project, has joined with Hyacinth Games to bring you Wreck-Age. Brian is one of the most genuine, coolest dudes I know who gives of himself freely asking nothing in return. One of the top dudes I have met through 40k.  If he is involved with a startup gaming company, they must be good people. Period.

Hyacinth Games has started a Kickstart to launch their first book and four box sets. You can find information about it HERE. If you are unfamiliar with a kickstart, it is essentially a website where "investors" can pledge some dough up front to help a company get started.  The more pledges they get, the better their launch!

Well to summarize what Wreck-Age is about, it is a post apocalyptic world. Is it fun to play in any other?  It is the 26th century and the world is destroyed. Different factions vie for control. Groups from Outriders and Drifters, to my personal favorite, the Order of the Reclaimers battle it out in the ashes and bone of civilization. The Order of the Reclaimers search the ruins for relics of technology past, and hope to use them to create a better future. The image above is concept art for a Reclaimer.  Pretty cool!

You can read all about the GAME HERE. The best part of the game is that it plays in the ether between RPG and Skirmish. Actually, it can be played as both. You can create your character and run through a campaign, or play skirmish style like Warmachine.  I think this can speak to a variety of interests.

Also, from what I have seen from the models, they look pretty cool and fairly well done! Here are a few examples.

I bet a lot of these models could easily find their way into a game of 40k too.

At first glance, the game looks to be harsh and furious, in a good way. Here is a quote straight from Brian Niro.

"I also really like this game because there's a simple honesty to it. Violence is harsh. If your model gets shot in the face, he's going to feel it for the rest of his very short life. That's harsh but fair."

This sounds sweet! One of my favorite gaming experiences of old was in Warhammer Fantasy, where you had a location chart for taking damage, and different sorts of damage had different effects. If you got hit in the face, you were scarred and it affected how NPCs interacted. This sounds like a nice nod to the days of gaming yore. 

Wreck-Age is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2013 with a 300 page hard cover book and four different box sets to represent the first four factions. If the kickstart does well, they have several more factions ready for production.  Here is a chance for us to help out a new company that gets it. A company creating games for gamers. I just checked out some retail prices over at the GW site. A Land Raider for 75 bucks and a Storm Raven for 82.50.  What the Hell!!!  In the age of ridiculous prices and greedy corporations, it is refreshing to me to see a group of guys jump into the fray and launch a cool game from the unknown. I wish them all the best. The market needs a little more variety.

So if you would like to support Hyacinth Games, visit their Kickstart and pledge some backing. You also get some cool rewards for doing so. Essentially, the more you support, the more you get, right down to all of the models and the rule book, or even the honor of having your own town appear in the rules! Dead or alive... :) Be looking for the boys from Hyacinth Games to be doing bi-monthly broadcasts starting in October with the 2012 fall season of WarTV, along with the rebirth of Jawaballs Live and the premiere of The Stout Smurf's weekly broadcast. This is going to be a great fall!



Adam said...

Kickstart link not working :(

Brian said...

Thank you for the kind words and generous support!

Jawaballs said...

Links should be fixed now.

August said...

And variety is what you get, for sure! Knowing what's coming down the pipe, I really think gamers will enjoy all Wreck-Age has in store. :)

Donz0 said...

off topic - War TV still alive?

Jawaballs said...

Yup, actually I meant to post today that Jim and I are broadcasting a game on Tuesday. I know it's no good for you guys working but it's the best we can do! It has been difficult finding time for us to get together. But I do have a few guys lined up to contribute content, I will be starting my own Jawaballs Live again, and the guys from Wreck Age will be sending me stuff to show off so I will broadcast that.

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