FAQ Update!

So it seems that the updated FAQ answers the Dante question, and the Glaive Encarmine!

Dante's weapon is indeed a Power Axe with the Master Crafted special rule. So much for his Initiative 6.

The Glaive Encarmine are WYSIWYG. So Sword or Axe, choose your poison.

Cheers for GW and putting out a timely FAQ~

Go look for your codex FAQ updates!



Rath of Un said...

Glad the New FAQ's are up, but I am all sorts of sad about the power axe. Changes the way the character works.

Miho Wada said...

It does mean you can model the sanguinor with an axe and go to town:).
Also, if your desperate you can attack with dant'es pistol rather than the axe if you need the i6[vs orcs for example] also the sowrd and axe were just examples of GE's you could model them with spears, for a fun hit and run unit with dante:)

Kevinmcd28 said...

yes and Tycho's weapon does ignore all armor saves now, helps your two new lists

Kevinmcd28 said...

btw did you see the new advanced orders? Lots of BA

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