Lamenters list evolution

Hey guys!

So I have been sitting around with Army Builder and looking at my Lamenters list and trying to figure out how to make them competitive and keep the original theme I envisioned. Here is where I have landed.

First, the list has evolved along with the other list I have working, my Armageddon Blood Angels list with Guard Allies.

Can any one tell me how to upload my PDF of my Army Builder list to Blogger?

Here is a hand written list:


Tactical squad x10 Plasma gun plasma cannon
Assault Squad x10 x2 melta
Assault Squad x10 x2 melta
Scout Squad x10 snipers, cloaks
Death Company x9 Pod, Fist, 4 bolters
Sternguard Vets x9 Pod Fist, Combi Melta x4
Bikers x7 Fist, Plasma x2
x3 Power Armor Priests: Biker and Fist, Jump Pack, nothing

What do I have here?  Well, lots of speed, lots of assault, lots of mid range fire power and lots of objective holding.  68 Pissed Off Blood Angels coming at you hard and fast.

Well, Tycho is bad ass and as previously discussed, can be nasty in close combat as well as providing 2+/4+ tank power and LD 10 to the whole army.

The only question is where to put him? I have an open spot in the DC pod, so I can throw him in there, but I believe I will probably leave the DC pod empty and deploy them.  I can sit him back in the tac squad on an objective and dare some one to try to take it.

I dropped my Honor Guard, so I get to convert a Tycho and paint him with my non metallic.

The biggest ad? Death Company. They are truly awesome in 6th Ed. Coming out of a pod, or marching, either way they will add nothing but sweetness to my army. Plus, I am going to paint them white.  This is either going to be a huge success in my efforts to take Best Army, or a massive flop.  But whatever, they rock.

In the few games I have played in 6th, snipers have always played a role. First the cloaks in Ruins makes them nigh unkillable. And Sniper Guns are sweet now.

Two assault squads. Well, I found out that dangerous terrain is a joke now. If my guys fail, they can take armor and FNP saves.  Now they can safely hop from terrain to terrain piece and close with the enemy. No need to skirt the terrain and risk being caught in the open!  I gave them a JP priest to help.

These changes mean that I had to drop my bike plans down to just one squad.  But that just means I have more bikes to use for my future DA army.  The bike squad will still be strong with the biker priest though, and in an assault support role, they will excell. Their job is to intercept deep striking terminators while my RAS cut down infantry, among other similar jobs.

The one unit I committed to was my Sternguard. Mostly this is because I have always wanted to play them.  I have the unit built and half painted, and I like them.

The plan? Simple.  Full attack.  Drop the DC turn one where I plan on sending the rest of my assault troops. OR drop their pod empty and deploy them. They can play Defense or move and run across the field.  The sternguard come down right as the assault troops are about to hit, and soften up a hard target.

No, this list is not a win all games power list. I have no fliers and no allies.  I have no real long range, and no way to deal with fliers. But with some smart tactics and a bit of luck, I think I can win some games against good players, and should win my share against the rest. I am only playing this list at two GTs. The Feast of Blades Open, and DaBoyz GT. Two tournaments that should be less about wiping the table with your opponent, and more about great armies facing off.


pchappel said...

Playing Fleshtearers myself.. I do use a Sniper squad (Scouts), but have been finding that the Heavy Bolter is pretty useful. BS 3, so I'm pretty much going for volume of fire, and lacking the Hellfire rounds, always STR 5, but.. And the SGT I find manning the Aegis line's quad gun for the BS 4... Also, Camo Cloaks are really nice for them, but we play with Aegis and a lot of ruins locally...

With my Sternguard, I've been running a Sanguinary Priest and a Heavy Flamer... I've been impressed with how well the HF has done for me, but as I said, lots of Ruins locally... And everyone who can also has a Combi weapon, but I'm OK with overkill I guess :-)...

Jawaballs said...

I may try to find the points to squeeze in the HF to my Stern. I am fairly tweaked, and am already weaker than I want to be as far as power fists and power weapons. I am mostly relying on simple volume of wounds dealt to deal with tough enemies, rather than bypassing armor. I would love to get an Aegis in there too... I might still to give me at least a chance to take down fliers.

Gonewild said...

That is quite a shift from extreme mobility to this current incarnation. Did play testing factor into the decision at all?

What if you dropped enough scouts to afford that Aegis line and an Icarus Cannon. That would give you 96" interceptor/skyfire. You can create some great tactical terrain setting up the Aegis walls.

I'm still not convinced that PFs are better than Axes and Melta Bomb combos (saving you five points each PF exchanged in this manner), but that is personal preference.

DC are amazing in this edition, and are a lot of fun to play. My quandry has been if Tycho is assigned to DC; they are relentless, he is not. Which means if he fires his bolter, they can't charge that turn- tough decision.

I believe the option to copy your list in AB is one or two below the 'print/save as PDF' option (I'm not at home atm to confirm). It will allow you to copy the list to clipboard.

Jawaballs said...

Well I don't lost much mobility. Two RAS and a bike squad can still move fast! Thats half my army. Two more squads are in pods, which means they can be where ever I want them on turn two. The only nonmobile units are the Tac and Scout squads, but every list needs some tough squads that can hold the line! Yes this comes from playtesting. The bikes are great, but expensive. I found that while I loved the list I started with, I really had little on the table and some poor luck would really hurt me. IT would be tough to come back from losing one or two big bike squads early. I am committed to the sternguard who are the biggest point sink, so something else had to give! I will look at the fists. At this point, I need to get cracking on the army, and I already have one of my assault sergeants done with a fist. I think I dropped the otehr down to a chain sword... I'm point starved! I actually think I am down to three fists, an RAS SGT, a bike SGT and a priest.

I have a feeling with Tycho that there will only be one instance where he will get to shoot before assault, and in that case I can fire his Melta. I didn't have any melta in that DC squad so I like having him there. He just won't shoot if he has no option.

Gonewild said...

I was curious about the bikes and wanted your input because like you, I wanted to run bikes (SM allies) with my Blood Angels. That gives me some things to consider.

Running a list with Assault squads in Rhinos, I think I'm going to exchange one squad for a Tac squad, that can more effectively tow the line- Good call on your part. The Plasma Cannon is really cool, too.

Jawaballs said...

The bikes are nail tough, fast and deadly, but costly in a point starved codex. I did realize that BA Rhinos are awesome. Don't count on them to last beyond turn one, but you can pretty much bet that if you do get to move, they are going to put your boys right where you need them, and provide them a margin of safety to boot. I'm thinking that in my Armageddon army I will have to include at least a few.

OH, and Adding Tycho to this army means he can play double duty in my other army until I get one painted for that one. :)

Kevinmcd28 said...

Well sternguard rock in this edition. The problem with two pods is that t forces you to choose which one drops turn one and if you want the other unit on table turn one they are footing it. Wouldn't A rhino or jump packs make more sense? Pod sternguard rule sO I would keep them in there. Everything else works I wOuld question the worth of the scouts over mobile threats like mm attack bikes since missiles cannot insta gib them and yOu get a jInk save vs them. Or even hbaby bolterones for that matter if anything they. Always tend to grab late game line breaker or even a quick first turn vehIcle pop for first blood. AlsO they work as contesters.... Btw good choice for the white death company that color is always worth brownie points since it is hard to paint and it breaks up the pure yellow Of the army good show I hope to play you sometime soon :)

Jawaballs said...

I love scouts in 6th. Every game I have played my scouts have performed. If I am playing one pod, I must play two. That way I can drop the first pod empty if I need to. So if I have it with the DC I can drop them where I want them turn one, which is the same as deploying them, but better. Then the Sterns come down later, right where I need them.

MisterMike said...

Your list looks pretty great. I agree that the sniper scouts are a great inclusion. As are the two assault squads and bikers; fast reliable and deadly additions to any style of blood angels. I think Tycho combined with the sternguard is a must! Tycho will give that unit a great amount of close combat abilities and add a little more fire power. But...are you sure about the death company? They are a great unit, but they are still just dudes in power armor. I use them a lot, but usually dump them for terminators, sanguinary guard or more support units like assualt bikes with multi meltas.What made you want to use death company?

Jawaballs said...

Well there is something, I am already dropping 9 Sternguard with a priest, perhaps I can drop one more for Tycho. I don't lose any fire power thats for sure. Good idea! That will allow me to put my DC up to 10 again. Why DC? Fear factor and awesomeness. People fear them and a lot of players will make illogical decisions in the game to be rid of them. Any time I can make that happen is a point for me! But also, I dropped my Honor Guard and need another unit to be the eye candy. I was thinking Termies, but DC just make me so happy!

MisterMike said...

That's very true, death company makes grown men into crying babies and eat up normal marines like pistachios( cause who can stop with just one?). So in short keep the DC...but another gripe of mine why only 4 bolters if your going to include bolters at all? Just give them all bolters! I have ran into an opponent you did so and it was quite impressive. It reminded me very much of how great normal terminators are at shredding units before charging.
So are you now going to create a sternguard, tycho and priest unit? That would seem like a great brick unit to drop back field. Nobody opponent could ignore that unit and any time an opponent spends fussing over one uber unit, means your troops have another round to survive. Have you considered foregoing the plasma cannon and opting for a 'free' heavy weapon. I've been having terrible fun with heavy bolters and a missile launcher is never a bad choice. I feel like plasma cannons are best when spammed. I love devastators with at least two, but feel a single one is an awkward way to use 10 points. Also, I think some one else mentioned opting for Power axes to make your sergeants stronger and cheaper. I have done this as off late,especially in conjunction with melta bombs or opting for a combi gun for the same cost as a fist. Food for thought.
Wow, long post...

Gonewild said...

Hey Jawa,
in AB go to File > Save Text File Summary; then further choose customizable options available to you (bbcode, html, etc.). Hope that helps.

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