Who wants Chaos???

So I currently have a set of Dark Vengeance Chaos models available for trade. Possibly two. I am looking for the Dark Angels models of course.  Straight up trade.  I will NEVER play Chaos, but will probably play me some of my darker brethren when their new codex drops.  Couldn't hurt to build up some sweet model stock!

Plus it is time to raise some cash. :) I purge my collection every couple years. So, I'm going to be selling off most of my painted Blood Angels. If you have wanted to get your hands on one of my tanks, now is the time!  I have a couple Vindicators and Rhinos, plus a set of three matching predators with Autocannon turrets and las sponsons from two years ago Nova Open list.  I will let these go for very reasonable prices.

At this point this really only applies to you if you are a long time reader and know what I have. This is sort of your chance to get em before they are made available to every one else.  If you have something in mind give me a holla!

Also on the block, for the right price, is last years Nova Open army, complete with the custom fit Battle Foam Pack Go.  Yup, the army that has won many huge GT Best Painted awards plus a slew of smaller LGS events, was one of four or five finalists out of 250 at last years Nova, including The Sanguinor who won Best Single Model, and many other models who have had accolades like Golden Demon first cut and best conversion (Mephiston) winner or finalist at various events. (In other words, a nice army.) :P

Its custom display is available too!  (But needs some touchup.)  Let me be up front, this army will not go cheap. The mere fact that I am willing to let it go is a big step!  But it can be yours!

This week I am going to get cracking on my Lamenters army. I will be finishing my Sternguard, and then progressing on two full bike squads.  Also, I will be starting back up Jawaballs Live!  Look for an official announcement soon.  I will probably start next week with the live show, and it will run every Wednesday at 8pm EST.

I'm also going to be playing Paintball on Sept. 29 at Yankee Paintball in CT. If you live in the area and want to play, give me a shout!

More to come!



eriochrome said...

Problem with those starter sets often end up with one faction you do not want. Still have a ork set from the last one that I would get rid of at about what a quarter they are charging for the new set.

Or two sets that you are not interested in and only really want the mini rulebook.

Jawaballs said...

True, but I definitely wanted the angels. The chaos are beautiful, but being realistic, I will never paint them and never ever play them. So I might as well trade em.

Gonewild said...

I played against my first Epidimius list about a month ago, and got trounced. Now, my forces are on a hunt for vengeance and to send that fellow back to the warp.

All of that aside, the Chaos sculpts are gorgeous- I just have no interest to play Chaos. I'm going to be looking for a trade/sell also. As a caveat, I may keep the cultists- they would make awesome henchmen for a GK detachment.

I can't wait till you fire up the channel again. It would be really cool if you could cobble together a game night and broadcast it.

Jawaballs said...

We have been trying to do a monthly game night, or even more, but getting guys here seems to be the problem. I'm working on an actual site for WarTV and also am lining up some contributers.

davetaylor said...

I'm interested Jawaballs! I'll be getting my set next week and can send your the DAs the week after that!


EllisW said...

Jawaballs, I have no intrest in DA I bought the set for the chaos models, I would be intrested in a straight up trade. I only want the LE chaplin, I have plans for him as a conversion. I think you can contact me thru my profile

Michael said...

I'm getting the Dark Vengence set. if you want to trade your Chaos for my Dark Angles, they're all yours. Even the limited edition Chaplin.

Jawaballs said...

Michael and Dave Taylor sold! Michael, email me jawaballs at hotmail, Dave I will buzz you with my addy. :)

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